May I Come in Madam 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 3rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhupesh joking on Sanju. Sanju asks what happened after seeing the baby. Kashmira asks whose baby is this. Sanju says Sanjana’s friend’s baby. Bhupesh says don’t fool us. Sanju scolds him. mummy asks Sanju to say truth. Sanju jokes on mummy and she bites his hand. Kashmira scolds them. Sanju says I will call madam, then Kashmira will believe. He says madam is busy and not receiving call.

Kashmira doubts and takes his phone. Kashmira slaps Bhupesh. She asks Sanju to get lost from this house. He asks where will I take baby out at this time. Kashmira scolds him and asks him to just leave.

Sanju gets sad and leaves with baby. Kashmira tells mummy that baby had Sanju’s looks. Sanju sits drinking with Khiloni and says Kashmira is doubting on me. He asks

Golu to sleep. The man asks him to calm the baby. Sanju shouts. Sanju says madam is not answering, how to calm the baby. Khiloni asks him to sing lullaby, baby will get silent.

Sanju says I don’t know lullaby. Khiloni says sing anything. Sanju sings lullaby. The man asks who is that puppy crying. Khiloni says it was dog, its gone, sleep now. Sanju says Golu got quiet, he slept. Khiloni says Golu is not here. Sanju gets shocked seeing Golu missing and asks where did baby go. Khiloni says I think he went for walk. Sanju says fine baby.

Sanjana calls Sanju. Khiloni says tell her baby is fine. Sanjana asks Sanju how is Golu. Sanju says he slept. She says get him to me. He says its night, I can’t get him now. She says I m at your home, I want to meet Golu, I m missing him so badly. Sanju gets shocked and tells Khiloni that madam is sitting at her home and wants to meet baby.

Kashmira says I thought its Sautan’s baby. Sanjana asks how can you think so. Sanju gets a toy instead Golu. Sanjana says give me baby. Sanju says no, he slept by difficulty. Kashmira says give him to me. Sanju scolds her for doubting. She apologizes.

Sanju scolds Bhupesh too. Mummy says I want to see baby’s innocent face. Sanju says I will show you, but problem is baby will see you and get shock. Sanjana asks whats wrong, why are you getting possessive. He says yes, I was made to leave from this house with such a small baby, I love Golu, now let him stay with him, tomorrow I will return your Golu to you. He cries and goes. Sanjana says Sanju got attached to Golu, that’s sweet, I will leave.

Sanju calls Khiloni and asks did you get baby. Khiloni says no. Sanju says I want baby and scolds him. Kashmira comes there. Sanju gets annoyed and asks her to stay away from him. She apologizes and says give me Golu. He refuses. She snatches baby and sees its just wine bottle. She asks where is baby. He says I lost baby, its all because of you. Dadi comes there and beats him.

Its morning, Sanju comes home and tells Kashmira that he did not get Golu anywhere. Mummy asks Sanju what will he do when police beats him. He says we will find baby, where is useless Bhupesh. Mummy says he went to find baby.

They see Bhupesh’s snores. Sanju says see Bhupesh is sleeping here. Sanjana comes and Sanju hides with Bhupesh. Sanjana asks about Sanju. Kashmira says we went to office with Golu. Sanjana says I missed Golu. Mummy says same here, we also missed him. Kashmira says mummy means she could not stay for much time with Golu. Sanjana leaves.

Sanju beats Bhupesh and hides again as Sanjana comes back again. Kashmira says Sanju took pram as well. Sanjana leaves. Sanju asks Kashmira why did she tell Sanjana that he took Golu to office. Kashmira says then tell her that you lost the baby.Bhupesh and Sanju argue. Kashmira asks Sanju to manage Sanjana at office. Mummy says I m going to meet my friend. Boss calls mummy. She gets shocked seeing Golu with boss.

Boss asks Sanju to show Golu. Sanju plays baby cry music and says Golu does not want to go to him. Boss thinks to expose Sanju.

Update Credit to: Amena

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