May I Come in Madam 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 31st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju meeting Sanjana. She asks where is my bag. He shows gold biscuits. She says you smuggled this. He says yes, I don’t want to do this again, you won’t tell me to do this again. She says I won’t, you are a free man now. Inspector comes to arrest both of them. Sanjana says but what is my mistake, Sanju smuggled this, he is the one, he was pressurizing me to do this, thank God you came. Sanju looks at her shocked. Inspector laughs and says you are trying to fool me, you are smuggling, I understand, so I will arrest you. She shoots him. He falls down. Sanju says you shot police officer. She says we can’t leave proof. Sanju says so i m also proof. She shoots Sanju.

Goli maare bheje me…….plays………….. She

dances. He wakes up from this bad dream and screams. Kashmira asks did you see bad dream, what happened, why did madam call home. He says madam is sending me to Dubai. She says go and roam. He says she wants me to smuggle gold biscuits, I will go jail, I won’t go Dubai. Dadi comes. He asks why did you come. She asks him to come, I won’t be happy if you go, but when when we get gold biscuits, I will be happy. He says you also like gold. She says I m also a woman, every woman likes gold, if you don’t fulfill my dream, you know what I will do. He says I know you first and then Kashmira, fine I will fulfill your dream. Dadi thanks him and goes to sleep. Sanju says she is sleeping with peace.

Its morning, Sanju asks Bhupesh to make files of client. Bhupesh tells about his friend, who got beaten up for smuggling gold. Bhupesh says no one should ever do this. Sanju wishes Bhupesh’s words get true. Sanjana calls Sanju and signs him to come to ladies washroom. Sanju thinks madam is in mood today and gets glad. He says why did she call me there, all ladies are there. He goes to Sanjana. She asks why did you get late. He says I did not come to ladies washroom before, why did you call me.

She says I m going to share something which you would have not imagined till now. He says I imagined a lot in dreams.She asks him to get precious biscuits. She describes the client. She says the biscuits are ver imp, don’t let anyone know this. He says you are educated and mature girl, don’t get in these matter. She says I m helpless, I like it, I want what I want. He asks can’t I just meet client and your Papa can go and get biscuits. She says no, if biscuits are not got then, we can’t take risk, go and get it, you can do it. They hear a girl coming and hide in the bathroom.

Sanjana asks Sanju why are you shut. Sanju says nothing. She asks him to go and be safe. Its night, Sanju drinks wine at the shop. Khiloni joins him. He sits and glass falls. Sanju scolds him and asks where were you, you come here every day, you came late today. Khiloni says I was helping a girl. Sanju slaps him. Khiloni calls him jealous. Sanju tells his problem. Khiloni asks madam is sending you to do gold smuggling. Sanju says I don’t want to go. Kanchan comes. Khiloni says she was asking where are we sitting today so I told her. He tells Kanchan about Sanju’s problem. Sanju asks him to be quiet. Kanchan says you will go for 7 years punishment. Sanju gets scared.

She asks them for wine. Khiloni gives her. She drinks and goes. Khiloni says I know custom people, they can encounter anytime. Sanju asks him not to give tension. Khiloni says maybe Chedi is acting to get your leg broken.

Sanju goes home and looks for knife. Kashmira comes and flirts. He says my mood is bad. He asks for knife. She says knife broke as mummy was cutting apple. Sanju taunts. Kashmira says we will get other knife, tell me what to do. He says Khiloni’s bottle slipped, so I want knife, he is asking, I m going to Khiloni’s house. Dadi comes and stops him. She asks about gold biscuits. Sanju says its not definite that I go. She asks him to surely go and come soon. He runs.

Sanju goes in disguise and beats on Chedi’s legs. He asks Chedi to get up and run.

Update Credit to: Amena

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