May I Come in Madam 31st March 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 31st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju calling Sanjana and asking her to call Chandan and tell him that they don’t have any affair, say the truth, Chandan is at my home and met my family, it will be problem for me. Sanjana says if I tell truth, Chandan will get after me again, which I don’t want, you just manage and do this for me. Sanju says fine, I will manage somehow. Chandan calls Sanju. Sanju hides seeing him. Chandan says I will come to your home soon and tell your family, I will meet soon. Sanju worries.

Chandan takes sweets and thanks Bhupesh. He throws the sweets. He says its for the souls who are on the earth, its necessary to give them food, else they will eat us. Bhupesh asks what are you saying, can you see spirit in our house. Chandan says yes, spirits are there, maybe sitting

beside you. Mummy and Bhupesh get tensed seeing Kashmira eating the sweets. Kashmira says Sanju will come. She asks who has thrown this sweets. Bhupesh says Chandan. She looks at him.

Sanjana’s dad asks her is she coming home or leaving. She says I m going. He says at this age, girls are with their BFs or husbands. She says I m going to party, you can’t come with me. He wears goggles and says you will take me with you. She laughs and says this won’t work on me, this is not your office, I m your daughter. She leaves. He goes to sleep.

Kashmira comes to room and looks for Sanju. He says I m finding my 5 rs coin. She asks him to come, Chandan is waiting. He says I will come. She goes. She thinks what to do. Sanju comes to them with shaving foam on his face. Chandan and everyone look at him. Chandan says I will tell the truth. Sanju worries. Chandan says this man is that who is egoistic and did not prefer to meet the waiting guest, I mean he is insulting his guest by not showing his face. Sanju says its not like that. Chandan says your voice looks identical. Sanju says common voice. Kashmira asks him to wash his face. Sanju asks her to get tea or cold drink for Chandan. She goes. Sanju says I m rich, as I got Bhupesh, I did not marry a girl, I married all sasural, I feel my family has sent them to my sasural.

Mummy gets shy and says my dreams did not get fulfilled. Bhupesh says mummy’s marriage happened in hurry. Mummy says yes, I got married in day and Kashmira was married by night. Sanju says she is very funny. Kashmira gets juice and asks Sanju to wash face. Chandan asks spirits to have juice. Mummy asks him not to throw juice.

Chandan says fine, and throws juice on Sanju’s face. Chandan apologizes. Sanju hides his face. He acts and says juice was hot. Bhupesh says its cold. Sanju says I mean its very cold. Chandan gets a call and goes. He says sorry, I have to go for some urgent work. Kashmira asks him to have dinner.

Chandan says I will come next time and have food. Sanju makes him leave. Chandan meets Sanjana and says you here. Sanjana says sit, I have to talk. Chandan asks how did you know I m here. She says you said your relatives stay here, I did not forget anything, if you really love me, you will come with me without asking anything. They leave. Sanju washes face and says Chandan should have stayed, we would have played antakshari. Bhupesh says I found him strange. Sanju taunts him. Bhupesh complains to Kashmira. Sanju asks Kashmira not to listen to Bhupesh, he will make us divorced. Mummy says it will happen some day. Sanju says no one can separate us, I want to be yours in every birth, Sanjana. They all look at him. Dadi comes and they all scream seeing Dadi. Bhupesh gets beaten up.

Later, Kashmira sees Kamini’s show and tells mummy that Kamini feels every man is mean, some are good too. She says my Sanju is better than others. Kamini tells about social media accounts and husbands not sharing the passwords. Kashmira coughs and Bhupesh gets worried. Kamini warns about husband leaving the wife.

Sanjana makes Sanju model for some ad. Khiloni tells Sanju that he has seen his pic with foreign lady. Kashmira asks Sanju to give his fb account password. He gets worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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