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May I Come in Madam 30th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana asking Sanju to act to become her boyfriend. She says she has to refuse her former boyfriend, she can’t be rude to him and wants to refuse him politely showing she moved on. Sanju says fine, I will act that you will also think am I acting or we really have an affair. She asks him to cool down. They get call that her ex Bf is coming and she asks him to hug her. Bhupesh comes to take her sign. He sees them. She asks him to get out. Bhupesh gets shocked and leaves. Her ex BF Chandan comes there. He gets shocked seeing Sanju and Sanjana. Sanjana lies that Sanju is his love. Sanju says she moved on, you also move on. Chandan says she broke my heart, you won’t understand, and goes. Sanju asks Sanjana how did you like my performance. She asks him to get to work.

Bhupesh informs Kashmira and Sanju takes the phone. He scolds Bhupesh and says it was not like that what you are thinking, I m sincere married man.

Chandan calls Sanju and says you snatched my love, I will also snatch something. Sanju asks what will you do. Chandan says I will do much, I found out everything, you are a married man, I will come at your house. Sanju gets shocked. Bhupesh asks who was it. Sanju thinks Chandan will come home, don’t know what will he do, mummy, Kashmira and Dadi will not leave me. He goes to Sanjana and says Chandan called and said he will tell everything at my home. She says so, are you scared. He says no, I m not scared, I thought to just share this. She says its fine, Chandan does not have your house address. Sanju says yes, I know well how to deal with such people, but I had a question in mind, how did Chandan become your BF, your taste is such…. She says I was depressed and met Chandan in meditating centre, we had good time for few days and then I realized we are not made for each other, I could not say him no and came here, I m surprised he did not forget me, its six months now. He says how can anyone forget you. Sanju leaves.

Sanju comes home and sees Kashmira angry. Bhupesh asks Kashmira to ask Sanju. Kashmira says Bhupesh said that… Sanju says that I hugged Sanjana and we were very close. Bhupesh says yes. Sanju says I knew this, that’s why we are cheap narrow minded, Sanjana is just my boss, I go there to work, I work in ad agency, there are many such ideas which are required to explain, that’s my work, I felt my wife is foolish, I mean broad minded and not doubt on me, its fine. Mummy asks Kashmira not to believe Sanju. Sanju asks mummy not to ignite fire in his house, and taunts mummy. Bhupesh says don’t say anything to my mummy, she has some respect. Sanju asks where. Mummy says I recalled old memories, there was my dhaba. Sanju asks Kashmira not to hear anyone against him, Bhupesh or any stranger. Door bell rings. Sanju gets shocked seeing Chandan and recalls his words. Mummy asks him to open the door. Sanju says its someone from office, I won’t do work now, Kashmira tell him I m not at home. He runs to his room.

Bhupesh checks at the door and asks Chandan to come. Chandan greets mummy. He says Mausi, I m your cousin’s son. Mummy says you have grown up, why did you not come in marriage, I m annoyed. He says I was not born at your marriage’s time. Mummy says naughty, I was saying about Kashmira’s marriage, she is my daughter, how did you come here suddenly. Chandan says I came in this city for some reason and things changed because of someone, I thought to meet you. Chandan asks about Kashmira’s husband. Kashmira says I will call him. He asks about Mausa ji.

Mummy says he has run away. Chandan says this had to happen. Kashmira comes to Sanju and asks him to meet Chandan, he is not from his office. Sanju asks did he tell everything, did Dadi not come. She says no, mummy is happy meeting him, come, he is our relative. Sanju asks relative? Mummy asks Chandan why did you come here. Chandan asks did you fall in love with someone, why are you silent, tell me. She says let me count. He says understood, I also fell in love, but my lover left me and made relation with someone else. Bhupesh says she did right to leave you. Mummy asks him to get sweets. Kashmira says he is Mausi’s son, come and meet him. Sanju gets worried.

Sanju calls Sanjana and says tell Chandan that we are not related. She says no use, he will get after me again. Sanju applies shaving foam on face and meets Chandan. Chandan says I will tell the true matter.

Update Credit to: Amena

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