May I Come in Madam 30th June 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 30th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kashmira shouting and making Sanju wake up. He asks why did she wake him like this. Bhupesh asks what are you doing here, you ruined our respect. Sanju says I have just one friend, it was Khiloni’s birthday and we got much drunk. Kashmira asks what were you saying, Julie, did Khiloni call girls. Sanju recalls the cemetery. He says maybe I was saying coolie, and tells some random dream and story. Khiloni comes there and asks is everything fine.

Kashmira scolds him. Khiloni asks how do you know this. Mummy says everyone know it because of Sanju. Khiloni asks what, its my birthday next week and I have to invite everyone, I m keeping special party for men. Kashmira asks is your birthday next week. Khiloni says yes. Sanju asks Khiloni are you still drunk, did you

forget it, I came to your house, it was your birthday, we danced too, we got drunk. He signs Khiloni. Khiloni says yes, I remember, I kept one more party to thank everyone. Kashmira says I have seen Sanju’s truth and goes. Bhupesh says I will come in party. Khiloni says you are still a kid. He asks Sanju where was he yesterday.

Sanju goes to office. She says I m impressed that you came office on time. He says you dropped me outside house and my name got spoiled. She says its good I did not leave you in cemetery, you fainted seeing stupid mark, you always disappoint me, are you afraid to go in lift alone, that’s why you wait for me every day. He says no. They enter the lift. The power goes. Sanjana asks Sanju is he afraid in darkness. Sanju says no, I m not afraid, I use darkness. He gets slapped. Sanju says you slapped me. Sanjana says I did not slap you. She goes. Sanju slaps liftman. Sanju asks him not to use darkness. Liftman sees Julie written there and gets a slap. He hears someone saying Julie.

Sanju gets call from someone. Bhupesh asks Sanju to answer call, do you want to hide and talk to some girl. Sanju calls him dirty minded. He gets call again. The man says I will kill you. Sanju gets shocked. Peon comes and Sanju tells him that someone threatened him. Peon laughs and says someone would have joked, call back, I will talk. Sanju asks did you get such calls. Peon says I made such calls. Sanju says I m having tension. Peon says call him. Sanju calls on that number and peon’s phone rings. Sanju asks peon whats this kiddish thing. Peon says I did not call you. Sanju asks why is your number ringing. Peon says I got this number for free, I just call your mum in law by this number. Sanju asks did ghost call me. Sanju gets call again. Peon keeps his phone. Kashmira asks Sanju why is he not answering. He asks whose number is this. She says I took new number. She says I got this number for free, get cabbage while coming home. He ends call and gets call again. The ghost threatens him again. Sanju asks Bhupesh to dial his number. Sanju tells peon that its not Bhupesh.

Sanju gives presentation to Lalwani for mosquito repellant. He gets unwell. Sanjana asks are you okay. Sanju writes you are good. Sanjana asks whats this, enough, turn now, let us see. Sanju writes you. She asks what the hell, are you saying this to me. Lalwani asks him not to joke, and say some good name. Sanju acts weird again as if ghost got on him. Sanjana asks why are you shivering, what sound are you making. Sanju writes Lalwani is a fool. Lalwani gets angry and asks Sanjana did you call me to get insulted.

Sanjana apologizes. Sanjana asks Sanju to stop it now, presentation is over. Sanju falls down and turns normal. He asks what happened. Lalwani tells him what he did. Sanju gets shocked what he wrote. He asks did I right this, sorry, I did not write this, Lalwani is not a fool. She says I know you are getting your anger out on me, this is just cheap, Lalwani come, we will take meeting to the next room, so sorry about this.

Sanju gets ghost’s call who says I have come. The ghost comes from the cemetery and goes to Sanju’s house. He calls out Sanju and Sanju wakes up. Sanju hears the call and goes out to see.

Ghost says I m Johny, tell me why did you take my wife and run away. Sanju says I did not do anything. Johny says like you took my wife and run away, I will make you run away from this world.

Update Credit to: Amena

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