May I Come in Madam 30th December 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 30th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kashmira getting angry on Sanju. Mummy asks Kashmira not to throw glass plate, take steel plate. Kashmira throws plate. Sanju asks what are you doing. She says you gave my saree and then sandal. He says I m saying true, I did not give anything. Mummy asks how did it go to madam. Sanju says madam has stolen it. Kashmira says have some shame, there is limit to lie. He says then you be awake and see, madam walks in sleep and steals things. She throws things on him, He hides behind sofa and argues with her. He asks for some food.

She says you will not get food till I see Sanjana with my eyes. He taunts Mummy. Kashmira throws more plates on him. He throws back the bowl. Its night, Kashmira and Sanju wait for Sanjana to come. She asks when does Sanjana sleep. He

says don’t know, wait, sit quiet. He goes out and waits. He gets tired. Kashmira gets shocked seeing Sanjana coming. Sanju asks what happened. Sanjana passes by. Sanju and Kashmira see Sanjana sleepwalking.

Sanjana goes to Sanju’s room and keeps some sack. Bachke zara…..plays…….. Sanjana goes back. Sanju goes to Kashmira and checks the sack. She says Sanjana did not steal anything. He says because she has already done theft, how did she get so much money. She says we will call police and tell about Sanjana. He says madam will get arrested, my job will go, she will take revenge. She asks what to do now. He says I will throw this out and come.

He takes the sack and dumps it. Inspector catches him and asks what are you doing here, take me along. Sanju says I came to throw junk. Inspector says we will help you. He gets the notes and asks Sanju to come to police station and talk.

He takes Sanju to police station and does shayari. He beats up Sanju. Sanju screams. He says I m saying truth, I did not do any theft. Inspector asks him to say how he got the money, tell me, I m frustrated today. Sanju says I will say, actually….. He imagines Sanjana asking him not to say and smiles. Inspector beats him a lot. Sanju smiles and says don’t worry, I will not say. Inspector beats him more.

Inspector gets call and says someone left sack on road. Sanju says then it means I m not culprit. Inspector asks constable to drop Sanju home. Sanju goes. Its morning, Sanju comes to Sanjana. She asks him to do something manly. He says I will do it today, I will tell you which none told you till now, its imp to tell for your safety. She asks him to come and say, imagine you are big criminal and sharing secret with wife. He says you walk in sleep and also do thefts, you have stolen Kashmira’s saree and sandals too.

She says I know, I do sleepwalking in stress. He says you got notes sack in my house yesterday and got arrested, inspector has beaten me a lot, its all because of you. She says you cry for little things, you don’t know my stress, my friend is in ICU. He says I may go to ICU. She says I can’t show my stress to anyone, I m sharing it with you. She gets Riya’s call and says its good news, thanks. She tells Sanju that my friend is safe, now I will be less stressed and now I will do sleep walking. He says that doctor saved me also. She asks him to go now. He leaves.

Its night, Sanju asks Kashmira to sleep. She says no, Sanjana can steal anything. He says she was in stress, now she will not come, I will steal your heart. She says you have stolen my heart on marriage day. He flirts with her. Chedi comes sleepwalking. He sleeps between them. Sanjana calls Sanju and asks did anyone come to your house. He says yes, your call and your Papa. She says Papa is in stress as his glasses broke, so he is sleepwalking, my family has this problem. Sanju asks her to get treated for this illness. She says medicine science has no treatment. He says I will kick him and make him leave. Sanjana says no, he can get heart attack.

Chedi hugs Sanju. Sanju says this mean Chedi, your Papa is touching me. Sanjana says he is not cheap man, he is sleeping, keep him safe to keep job safe, he will sleep, see you tomorrow. She ends call. Sanju says Sanjana said Chedi will sleep after half an hour. Chedi kisses him. Kashmira says I will go and sleep in mummy’s room. She runs. Sanju asks Chedi to leave him.

Sanjana says I will not marry, else I will marry a divorced man. Sanju says I wish to leave Kashmira, she is mad. Kashmira hears him and throws his bag. Sanju asks Sanjana to come to his side. She says i need time, I did not see you as BF.

Update Credit to: Amena

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