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May I Come in Madam 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju and Sanjana being in lift. Liftman plays radio. Aaye zindagi gale/beep lagale….plays…. Sanju angrily takes radio and sees lemons instead batteries. Liftman laughs. Sanju’s imagination ends. Sanjana asks whats so awkward. Sanju taunts liftman and goes. Chedi asks Sanju to give stapler. Bhupesh hides it in Sanju’s bag. Chedi says its not there. Bhupesh asks are you doubting me. Chedi says no, I regret. Sanju says good one. Bhupesh asks him to check his bag. Chedi says no. Bhupesh asks him to just check and then shows Sanju’s bag. Chedi sees stapler in Sanju’s bag. Bhupesh blames Sanju. Chedi wears goggles and turns to boss. He asks Sanju how can you steal stapler. Sanju says I did not do it. Boss says my eyes will be on you.

Sanju goes

to meet Sanjana. She says you don’t look fit, all expectations can’t be kept by a single person. He asks her to keep all. She says thats sweet, you made me happy. He says its my duty. She says no, its your job, I want a favor. She says I was thinking for a change, I want to go Goa, going alone won’t be good, will you come along. He says it will be favor on myself. She says lets enjoy from here, have coconut water with vodka mix. He says wow and jokes. She laughs. His imagination ends. She asks him to stop laughing. He asks when to go, I m ready. She says you don’t have to go, you have to keep my money, 10 lakhs at home till my home gets renovations. He says I don’t keep even thousands at home. She says its company money, I can’t keep it in office, that’s the big favor I want from you, can you do this for me. He says of course. She says thanks, go. He asks her to say with love. She says get out. He thanks her and goes.

Its night, Sanju is on the way home. Kashmira calls him for some work. He asks her to end call. He holds his bag seeing some men staring at bag. Kashmira calls again and talks. An auto passes and man snatches Sanju’s bag. Sanju shouts.

Sanju comes home crying and falls. Kashmira asks what happened. Sanju says I got ruined, I can’t show my face to anyone, my bag…. got stolen. Mummy says its shagun for that bad bag to get stolen. Sanju says madam’s trust and love was in it. Kashmira asks whats Sanjana’s connection with your bag. Sanju says that bag had 10 lakhs rs cash, madam gave me to keep it safe, thief has taken it, it was black money and I can’t tell police. Mummy says poor Chedi ji. He lost money. Kashmira asks how did he lose money and scolds him. He asks her not to scold her. She says Dadi can come, I m so angry. He says call Dadi, she will catch thief. She goes.

Sanju thinks what face to take infront of madam, she trusted me and gave money to keep. He gets a call. Sanjana asks him did you sleep. Sanju says no. She asks is money safe. He says yes, thieves are roaming in market. She asks him to be careful, you are very innocent, you can’t trust anyone, one close to us know our weakness and use it. He says yes. She says I will see you tomorrow and ends call.

He says Dadi comes always, today she is not coming even if I insulted Kashmira, I have to tell truth to madam. Its morning, Boss meets Sanju and tells about theft of ten spoons. Sanju asks spoons? Boss says yes. Sanju asks him to give glasses to clean. He scolds Chedi. Chedi says return the glasses, don’t break it. Sanjana comes and asks whats going on. Sanju says Chedi is blaming me of spoons theft. She says calm down, return the glasses to Papa. She asks Sanju about the money. Boss asks which money. Sanjana says 10 lakhs which you gave me to keep. Boss asks how did you trust him. She says he is old employee. Boss says he thinks everything is office belongs to him, he can say he lost money, Sanju return money, I will make my friend keep it. He says Sanju will not get office stationery supply from today. He goes. Sanjana says I trust you Sanju, you have to return me money now, sorry about all of this. Sanju gets worried.

Sanju asks Kashmira to sell her village land. Mummy says we will not sell our land to cover up Sanju’s mistake. Dadi warns Sanju not to tell her land.

Update Credit to: Amena

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