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May I Come in Madam 2nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana talking to her friend and giving a kiss. Sanju comes there and sees her giving the kiss. Janam dekhlo mit gai dooriya…..plays………. She ends call and asks Sanju why is he staring, did he get such thoughts. He says no, I get thoughts sometimes. She asks just sometimes. He says no, many times. She asks many times, not always. He says always. She says that’s why your work is not up to date, when will you work in office, I will not tolerate this, I will whip you.

He imagines Sanjana whipping him. Boss says I m going out for a day, and asks Sanjana did she ask her friend to come home. She says yes, I m afraid to be alone at home. Boss asks her to shut doors and windows, there are many thieves, don’t be scared, even our watchman falls asleep. She says

I will ask watchman to be awake today. He asks her to read Hanuman chalisa to get rid of ghosts and scares her more. Sanju asks are you giving her courage or scaring her. Boss says shut up, I m making her strong. Boss asks Sanjana to shut doors, serial killers can harm her. He goes.

Sanjana asks Sanju what is he doing at night. He says I m free. She says good, I did not tell Papa that our watchman went on leave, can you become watchman. He asks do I need to wear uniform. She laughs and says I m joking, I want you to come my home, even my friend is coming, entertain us, lets make it a night to remember. He smiles.

Its night, Sanju gets ready. Mummy asks where is he going. Sanju says I m going in college friend’s party. Bhupesh and Kashmira argue with Sanju. Kashmira says take Bhupesh along. Sanju asks why. Bhupesh says I will eat food. Sanju says you just go in parties for food. Mummy asks Sanju does he go to see mujra in party. Sanju says I will not lose mind here and goes. Kashmira stops him and asks him not to drink there and take call every 15mins. He says call every 10mins, else I will be missing you.

Sanjana comes there and he gets shocked. He says you know Papa is not at home, my friend Natasha is not coming, I felt if I come here. Kashmira says you did good, think this is your home. Sanjana hugs her and thanks. Kashmira asks Sanju to go in party. Sanjana says if I m here, where are you going, you can relax. Sanju says I have to go, everybody have a good time. He goes and gets sad. Ye kya hua…..plays……….. Khiloni sits drinking outside. Sanju joins him.

Khiloni pulls his leg. Sanju scolds him. Khiloni argues and asks to take him to Sanjana’s house. He laughs. Sanju says I can’t take you there, Sanjana came to my house, even family is there at home, go and meet them. Khiloni says then you will die, don’t drink. Sanju asks what type of friend are you to scare me, tell me some way, or make some drink. Khiloni makes the drink. Sanju thinks what would be going on at home.

Mummy asks Sanjana to have some food. Bhupesh says she did not start eating, and you finished everything. Kashmira says Sanjana madam and I had dinner. Sanjana says just Sanjana, no madam. Mummy says he worries for you a lot. Sanjana asks really. Bhupesh asks when did I say. Mummy says he said, he is shy, he is your big devotee and even then does not have respect at office, will you give him promotion. Sanjana says there is no post in company. Mummy says so what, make him your husband.

Kashmira asks mummy what is she saying. Mummy says Bhupesh has fallen from moon, he is a good husband. Sanjana asks how do you know. Bhupesh says I know that. Sanju comes home. Kashmira says you went in party. Sanju says I got bit drink, my friend had fight with his fiancée and marriage cancelled. Sanjana says Kashmira, I m very sleepy, where shall I sleep. Kashmira says you sleep in our room. Sanjana asks sure. Kashmira says yes. Sanju says yes, I will adjust. Kashmira says you can adjust with mummy and Bhupesh. Kashmira and Sanjana go to room. Sanju knocks door.

He asks may I come in madam. Sanjana says you may. Sanju goes inside the room and gets mesmerized seeing Sanjana. Shake it saiyyan…..plays………… He says this is my bed. She says what are you doing there then, come here and sleep with me and Kashmira. She calls him out. His imagination ends. He says sorry, tell me how did you like my bedroom. Kashmira comes and says our bedroom, why did you come here. He says I came to take my pyjama. Kashmira says you could have called me, you came here. He says I did not come to sleep me, I can sleep on sofa here, but I m going outside. He takes pyjama and tshirt. Sanjana smiles. Sanju says good night, sleep early, madam has much work in office, its good for health. Kashmira asks him to go. He leaves. Kashmira and Sanjana laugh. Sanjana says not bad, you controlled Sanju well. Kashmira says yes, else husbands jump like spring. Sanjana says its true.

Sanju is unable to sleep with Bhupesh and thinks don’t know what is Kashmira and madam talking about him. Bhupesh hugs Sanju in sleep. He kisses Sanju. Sanju asks him to get away. He goes out in hall and sleeps. Sanjana comes there and Sanju gets surprised.

Kashmira tells Sanjana that Sanju is confused, and calls me madam. Sanjana says sometimes he praises me too. Sanju hears them and worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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