May I Come in Madam 2nd June 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 2nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju asking Sanjana to go home. She says no, I won’t leave you like this. He says you look tired, I will manage. She asks him not to worry. Kashmira calls Sanju. Sanjana answers the call. Kashmira asks about Sanju. Sanjana says Sanju is not fine, I got him to hospital. Kashmira asks what happened to him. Sanjana says he is not well, doctor will do treatment, he will be fine, I will drop him home. She makes her talk to Sanju. Sanju tries to tell Kashmira. Kashmira asks him to rest, and ask madam to drop you home, love you.

Doctor comes and checks Sanju. Sanju says I m better now. Doctor checks Sanju and says Sanju is fit and fine, vacate this bed, patient is in waiting. He goes. Sanjana looks at Sanju. Sanju says I m fine, why to eat medicines, office hour is

over, now we came out, so we will go out and have some food, I will get energy. She looks at him.

Kashmira tells mummy that her heart is sinking. Mummy says I think we have gas in stomach. Kashmira asks her to understand, I m worried for Sanju. Kashmira says I have to go hospital to see Sanju. Mummy asks her for golgappa treat. They leave. Kashmira stops the auto and sees Sanjana and Sanju going to a restaurant. Kashmira gets angry seeing Sanju.

Sanju and Sanjana celebrate for his health. Sanjana says I don’t think you were unwell some time ago. He says you did not see many things. She says you don’t look loyal. He says its not like that, its inbuilt thing. Kashmira comes and hears him. She signs Sanjana not to tell Sanju. Sanju says you can’t make a tiger eat grass. Sanjana says you mean your wife is like grass. He says I wanted to have dinner with you, I m not scared of Kashmira. Sanjana says you really love your wife, she is here, come Kashmira. Sanju gets shocked seeing Kashmira. Kashmira asks Sanju do you have any problem if we join you. He says no. She kicks him under the table. Mummy smiles. Sanjana talks to mummy, while Kashmira beats Sanju.

Next day, Lalwani asks Sanjana who is she, where is her dad. She says he would be making tea, what are you making these days. He says I m making medicines. She asks what is the product. He says the medicine will make person say truth, its truth pills. Sanju comes there. Sanjana says you got late. Sanju says I was arguing with your dad. He asks Lalwani what are you selling people this time by fooling them, I mean what is the product. Lalwani says truth pills. Sanjana says its very interesting thing. Sanju says I know Lalwani opened pharmaceutical company, I spoke to him on phone. Sanjana says you should have shared info with me. Sanju says sorry. Sanjana asks Lalwani does he have permission to sell this medicine. Lalwani says yes, you start ad work. She says fine, its risky project, I want to test this. Lalwani says sure. Sanjana asks Sanju to have the pill. Sanju says no, if this is effective, it will be big problem for me. She says that’s fine, don’t you trust me. He says I do. She says then have it. Sanju takes the pills. Lalwani laughs.

Sanjana asks him to keep on saying something, let the truth come out, we want to hear. Sanju says madam, I want to ask you your hand she removes her hand and gives him. He gets shocked. His imagination ends. She asks him to say something. Lalwani says pills will take 5-6 hours to work, now this liar will say lies.

Kashmira shows saree to mummy and asks how do I look. Mummy likes the saree. Bhupesh jokes and mummy slaps him. Sanju comes home and taunts mummy. Kashmira says you started it. Mummy argues and asks him not to taunt her. Kashmira asks Sanju how do I look. He says nonsense and gets tensed. He can’t control his tongue and insults her. Kashmira gets angry. Sanju insults mummy and Bhupesh too. They all get angry. Kashmira asks him to get lost, why did you marry me. Sanju says I had no option, else I would have not married you. Bhupesh asks mummy how did Dadi not come. Mummy says Sanju got mad.

Sanju goes to office and talks to some girls. He gets slapped. Liftman laughs. Sanju says this truth pill……. Sanjana comes there and greets him. He compliments her. She thanks him. They get inside the lift. Liftman laughs. Sanju asks him to stop it. Sanjana says you were waiting. He says I wait daily for these happy moments. She asks what. He says I wait to get in lift for you, I never to office on time before you joined. She smiles and says I m also liking me.

He says really, you like me. She says I don’t know, but do you like me. He says yes, you are so beautiful, I get mad seeing you. She says calm down. He says sorry, you made me eat truth pills, so I m saying truth, I had trouble at home by saying bitter truth. She says but you are talking sweet to me. He says its because you are sweet. She laughs and says you have become big flirt by having the pills. She goes. Liftman laughs. Sanju says I will beat you some day. Bhupesh looks at Sanju in their cabin. Sanju asks him to work. Bhupesh asks what happened to you. Sanju controls his tongue.

Peon comes to Sanju and asks shall I get tea. Sanju asks him to get daughter. Peon wears goggles and turns to boss. He asks Sanju what does he mean. Sanju tells him that Sanjana is really good.

Update Credit to: Amena

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