May I Come in Madam 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 2nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju and Khiloni fooling Bhupesh. Bhupesh and Khiloni dance on Kanta laga……. Khiloni beats Bhupesh. Bhupesh faints. Khiloni asks Sanju to go. Sanjana gives Sanju clothes as he is saint. Sanju thinks to wear it. Sanju goes to change. He changes clothes.

Kashmira looks for Bhupesh. He finds him fallen on the road. She pours water on him and asks why did you fall here, where is Sanju. Bhupesh says where did that girl go. She asks who. He says a girl was hurt my thorn, she asked me to help, don’t know since when I was lying here, I was keeping eye on Sanju. She scolds him and slaps. Bhupesh says Sanju fooled me. She says its my mistake to give big responsibility to you.

Sanjana calls her friends and introduces Sanju, who has special powers.

She says he told few things about me which I also forgot, he can show us super powers here. Sanju flirts Sanjana and her friends dance on dum maaro dum…… Sanju laughs. Sanjana says he is tired today, tomorrow he will walk on water and show us. He worries.

Its morning, Khiloni tells everyone that you all were waiting for this moment. Sanjana says we want to see that miracle. Chedi says we understood, now show the miracle. Sanjana says I m just so excited. Kashmira comes there and sees the crowd. Sanju walks on the water. Everyone get shocked and clap for Sanju. Chedi says I m blessed to see this. Sanju asks him to go and work now. Khiloni says now he will rest. Sanjana says I m mesmerized seeing your special powers. Sanju says this is your love, I also love you a lot. She says so sweet. He says I love you. Sanjana’s friends come.

Sanjana and everyone go. Sanju and Khiloni move the sheet over water. Sanju says the people are foolish. Kashmira hears them. Kashmira says I will sink you in water now. Liftman does Sanju’s aarti. Sanju asks him to go. Kashmira comes and apologizes. She says I did not know you are so great, you are not a man, you are great man.

Sanjana and Chedi come. Kashmira says I came running hearing about Sanju’s miracles. Sanjana says he was walking over water. Kashmira says I felt he is a cheap man and can do anything to fool others. He asks what are you saying. Kashmira says I was wrong, Sanju is great.

Chedi says it would be good if your mummy came, shall I call her. Sanjana stops him. Kashmira says mummy and everyone will see the miracle, Sanju will walk on burning coal. Sanju gets shocked. He refuses. Kashmira asks what’s the problem, you are doing big miracles.

He says I have renew my powers. Kashmira says you will get big break today. Sanju says i can do one miracle on one day. Kashmira says this is different, that was cold, this is fire. Sanjana says wow, we are excited to see. They go.

Sanju goes and meets Khiloni. He slaps Khiloni. Khiloni asks what happened, tell me. Sanju says I have to walk on burning coal. Khiloni asks why. Sanju says Kashmira asked me to prove powers. Kashmira says why. Sanju says because of your foolishness. Khiloni jokes. Sanju beats him.

Sanju gets tensed seeing burning coal. Kashmira says coal is waiting for you. Sanjana says we are dying to see you. Sanju thinks do you want to see me dying.

Update Credit to: Amena

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