May I Come in Madam 2nd August 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 2nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with boss asking Sanju is she alive. Sanjana checks and says she is fine. Sanju says she is unconscious. Sanjana says we will make them marry in morning and say sorry to Kashmira. Sanju says fine. Boss says I will lift her and take her to mandap. Sanju says I will see. Boss is unable to lift mummy. Boss asks Sanju to help him. Sanju asks why. Boss jokes.

Its morning, Boss praises mummy. Sanjana asks Sanju how did fainting medicine did he use, she is not getting conscious. Boss says we are so close and still far. Mummy wakes up and asks boss what is he doing in her room, could he not come alone. Sanju says you are in Sanjana’s room. Mummy asks how did he lift her, did he not get hand sprain.

Sanju says for love’s sake, see love in boss’ eyes for you. Mummy

smiles. Boss says if you say no today, I will die from jumping off mountain, I love you a lot. Sanju says there is no mountain nearby. Boss says I know, that’s why I said that, else I would have said drinking poison. Sanjana asks them to say yes. Sanju says else wait for next birth, marry if its happening. Sanjana says she will talk to Kashmira. Mummy agrees and asks how. Sanjana says Papa and I will get baraat, you guys stay here.

All grand arrangements are made at home. Boss dances in his baraat. Sanju welcomes them and asks for any demands. Boss says we don’t want anything. Sanjana asks Papa to marry and end his bachelorhood. Sanju says mummy was refusing for marriage, so I made her drink medicine again. Sanjana says you did good work, you can ask me anything for this. Sanju asks anything?

He says I feel lonely. She says you will get a puppy tomorrow and not feel lonely then. Boss sees his wife’s pic and shouts no. Sanju asks boss to start marriage. Boss says no, I can’t do this marriage, I can’t cheat my dead wife, its allowed to cheat when she was alive, but not now. He tells Sanjana that he can’t do this marriage. Sanju scolds him a lot. Sanjana asks him to talk with manners. Boss says Sanju is right, I m sorry, but don’t stain on our relation, if I marry her, there won’t be fun. He says sorry Sanjana. Mummy gets conscious. Boss says drop her home before she wakes up, no one should know this. Sanju says this is cheating, I got her by difficulty, let her get conscious, I won’t lift her. Mummy asks who.

Kashmira and Bhupesh come there. Kashmira scolds Sanju for getting mummy here. Sanju says its lie, I used chloroform. Mummy says he was making me marry forcibly, I have good character and won’t marry such cheap man/boss. Bhupesh says we will let them marry, see Papa’s house is so big. Kashmira slaps him and scolds him. She asks Sanju to come home. Sanju worries.

Later, Sanju is in office. He hears a baby crying. He goes to Sanjana. Sanjana pacifies a baby and asks Sanju to see her boy Golu. He asks when did he happen. She says last year, before you joined company. He says when he is there in your life, I don’t need to be in your life. She asks him why is he pouring water in ear. He asks where is his father. She says my brother in law is in foreign, this is my friend’s son.

Sanju gets glad and asks how did he come here. She says my friend is in hospital, so I m managing him, why is he crying. He says he is little baby, he will cry, what else will he do. She says you understand babies well. He jokes. He asks her to hold babies softly and caress them. The baby stops crying and says they feel love, just we elders don’t understand love. she says I understand that Kashmira understands everything and loves you. She asks Sanju to manage Golu today, I will manage work. He says fine, I will not let your trust and Golu’s sleep break. He sings lullaby and takes Golu.

Sanju talks to Golu and gets a kick. He asks Golu to have milk. Peon comes and says he may feel your face as football. Sanju says he is leaking, take him. He scolds peon. Peon wears goggles and turns to boss. Sanjana comes and asks Sanju why did you give baby to Papa, he is careless. Sanju takes baby from boss.

Sanjana says I have to go for meeting, take care of Golu. She gets bad smell and asks whats this. He says Golu tinkled. She asks why did you not make baby wear nappy, keep hygiene, can you manage. He says don’t worry. She goes.

Bhupesh tells Kashmira about movie where husband gets baby home and tells wife that its his friend’s baby. Kashmira says such husband should get shot. Sanju gets Golu home and says Kashmira, see whom did I call, he is Sanjana’s friend’s baby, she gave me to manage. She thinks is he Sanju’s illegitimate son and worries.

Sanju loses the baby and gets worried. Sanjana calls him and asks him to get Golu, she is at home and waiting.

Update Credit to: Amena

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