May I Come in Madam 29th September 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 29th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with boss going to please Sanjana. He gives toffees to Bhupesh and says its Sanjana’s birthday. Sanjana gets annoyed and leaves. Boss scolds Bhupesh and gives him toffees, asking him to give some to his mummy too. Sanju goes to Sanjana and gifts her earrings. She says its so beautiful. He says now you believe me. She says yes, thanks, I can’t take this. He asks why, is this bad. She says I can’t accept expensive earrings. He says I took risk, when I took this for polish, I have saved this from thieves.

She says that’s brave of you, its good, but why did you spend so much money. He says I did not spend anything, I mean gift is priceless. She says fine, I will keep this. He says its looking beautiful for you. Chedi comes and asks what are you doing here.

Sanju asks can’t you knock and come, get out. Chedi wears goggles and turns to boss. He says you should be at your desk. Sanju says I came to wish madam happy birthday. Sanjana thanks Sanju for remembering her birthday, wishing her and getting beautiful gift. Sanju says welcome.

Boss argues with her. Sanjana says he gave me earrings, I will give him ring. Sanju asks will you give me ring, and forwards hand. She calls on his phone and says I have given you a ring. Boss and Sanjana laugh. Boss shouts Mr. Sajan and Sanju’s imagination ends. Boss asks Sanju about the costly earrings. Sanju shows him. Sanju says Sanjana is my boss. Sanjana says you are my employee and still believe I m dear, some people here forget duaghter’s birthday.

Kashmira tells mummy that she is going in friend’s marriage, I m wearing heavy saree, give me one of antique jewelry. Mummy says that costly earrings, I will give you wait. She gets the box and checks. She says I m not getting my earrings. Kashmira says don’t cry, we will make a new one. Mummy says I m crying being afraid if your Dadi, she gave me her ancestral earrings, now Dadi will hang me to fan. Kashmira asks how did earrings go. Mummy says I m sure someone has stolen it. Kashmira asks will thief leave all this. Mummy asks did Sanju steal it, he was staring at my jewelry. Kashmira says no, he can’t do this. Mummy says he would have gifted it to someone.

Sanju comes home and laughs seeing mummy crying. Kashmira starts questioning him about the earrings. He says I did not take it, why will I take earrings, I will buy one if I want to wear. Kashmira says Dadi gave that earrings to mummy, you know Dadi’s anger. Bhupesh comes and says I got new socks. Sanju slaps him and asks are you not ashamed to steal mummy’s earrings. Bhupesh says I did not steal it. Sanju asks how did you get money to buy socks every month. Bhupesh asks can’t I buy socks, I got 500rs lottery. Sanju says Bhupesh likes to play lottery, when he loses, he steals at home, Dadi come, we got your earrings theif. Kashmira says she is Dadi, not pigeon. Bhupesh says Dadi knows I m not thief. Sanju calls Dadi. Kashmira gets angry on Sanju as he is blaming Bhupesh. Sanju says you are not doubting on Bhupesh as he is your blood. He goes. Kashmira slaps Bhupesh and asks how did he buy socks. Bhupesh says I got lottery.

Sanju worries that he created problem for himself. Sanjana calls him and says I m going in party. He says sorry, I can’t come with you. She says I m not inviting you for party, I want to say, I m going wearing the jhumkas. He thanks her and says if you wear those jhumkas, its beauty will increase. She smiles and says I will be visiting your place as party venue is close. He says no, you go to party. She asks any problem, I know its your family time, I will be visiting Kashmira for 10mins. He says what shall I do, I m stuck.

Sanju sees Sanjana coming and takes khiloni. Khiloni cries and Sanjana asks what happened. Khiloni says its aching a lot. Sanju says don’t ask me, mummy has got violent, she has got mental attack and hit Khiloni with stone, you go and meet Kashmira, be careful. She says my plan changed, Papa called me and I think I should see him first. She goes. Sanju thanks Khiloni. Khiloni says she went out, but can come later wearing earrings, then Kashmira will break your head. Sanju says yes, I have to think.

Sanju sleeps. Dadi comes and wakes him. He gets shocked and says its night for humans, let me sleep. Dadi slaps him and says say me truth, where did my earrings go. Sanju says don’t know, I did not steal it, trust me. She says you are a thief, if you are involved then I will not leave you. He says don’t worry, sleep. She says fine, good night and goes. He thinks to get earrings back.

Kashmira tells mummy that this earrings look like Dadi’s, why did she steal it. She asks Sanjana from where did he buy the beautiful earrings. Sanju worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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