May I Come in Madam 29th March 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 29th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju asking Khiloni to leave. He gets into argument with boss. Khiloni leaves. Sanjana calls Sanju and says I sent a doctor for your mum in law. Sanju asks why. Sanjana says I feel you hate her, I have sent doctor for her health and you are saying this. Her dad says Sanju’s mum in law is here. Sanjana says call her, I would like to meet. Sanju says she is my mum in law’s twin sister, and tells a story. She asks him to call home. Sanju calls Khiloni and says I m in problem. Khiloni says I m on the way, you are always in problem, I just wanted to hug Sanjana, what did you do. Sanju says stop the doctor from going my home, I will make you hug Sanjana, go fast. Khiloni says tell I love you to madam from my side. Sanju says fine, just go and do the work. He ends call

and jokes on Khiloni’s face and his big dreams.

Khiloni comes to Sanju’s home and meets doctor. Doctor says Sanjana has sent me to check Sanju’s mum in law. Kashmira comes with mummy and hear this. Khiloni says I m Sanju’s mum in law. Doctor says you would be on bed, you are taking last breath. Mummy catches Khiloni and says who am I then. Khiloni says you are also Sanju’s mum in law. Kashmira says it means Sanju married someone else. Mummy says no, it means your dad married someone else. She beats Khiloni.

Sanju comes home running. Sanju asks mummy to leave Khiloni. Mummy says she is my sautan, I won’t leave. The wig comes in her hand and asks whats this. Sanju says he is my friend Khiloni, I was just joking. Kashmira turns into Dadi. They all get shocked. Dadi beats them.

Later, Kashmira is buying vegs and argues with vendor. Kamini comes there and scolds the vendor. Kashmira says I m your big fan. Kamini says it means your husband is mean. Kashmira says no, my husband is not like that. Kamini says every man is mean, and wives are fools. Kashmira says I will make you meet him. She falls and Sanju runs to help Kashmira. Kamini scolds Sanju. Sanju says who will help Kashmira then, why should I be ashamed. Kamini scolds him. Sanju says do you know this lady is… Kamini says I know she is beautiful and alone, you would not ignored if any old lady fell. Sanju says this lady is my wife, and if any women fell like this, I will help her. He takes Kashmira home. Kashmira says you answered her well. He asks did you get hurt. She says no. Mummy sings song and falls. Sanju gets a call.

Sanjana calls Sanju and asks him to wear smart clothes today. Sanju asks why, any special occasion, are you going to present me as model infront of client. She says just for me. Sanju says sorry, I was going to hold mummy, and got a call. Bhupesh says I know it was madam’s call. Sanju denies. Bhupesh asks Kashmira to check phone. Kashmira asks Sanju why did he not lift mummy. Sanju says even yamraj is not lifting her, I m human.

Sanju jokes on mummy. Kashmira looks at him. Bhupesh says I have seen, Kamini was right, men just help beautiful women, not old. Mummy slaps Bhupesh. Kashmira too beats him. Sanju thinks whats can be the matter… to dress up in smart clothes for madam.

Sanjana comes to office. Music plays………….. Sanju comes wearing smart clothes. He pushes Bhupesh and shows attitude. He runs seeing Sanjana and gets inside the lift. He does not let Bhupesh get inside lift. Bhupesh gets angry and goes by lift. Sanju greets Sanjana and waits for her to notice him. He asks whats special today. She says we will talk in cabin. He says fine. Lift guard plays song on radio. Chahiye thoda pyaar/beep…… plays…. Sanjana goes. Sanju asks him to get radio repaired.

Sanju works and Bhupesh asks for a note. Sanju argues. Bhupesh says you wanted to be alone with madam. Sanju says dirty mind, lift guard was there too. Bhupesh argues. Sanjana calls Sanju in cabin and goes. Sanju meets Sanjana. She says you asked me why did I ask you to get dress up smartly, I want you to become my boyfriend. Sanju gets glad.

Sanjana says I want you to become my BF for sometime. Bhupesh comes to her cabin and sees Sanju hugging Sanjana. She asks him to get out. Bhupesh gets shocked and leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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