May I Come in Madam 29th June 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 29th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana’s car breaking down near the cemetery. She calls her dad and he does not answer. She hears someone calling out Julie. Her car starts and she leaves. Its morning, Sanju comes to Sanjana and finds her lost. He turns to leave. Sanjana stops him and says I heard you, I wanted to see how you react when I don’t reply, will you get annoyed or irritated. He asks but why. She says don’t know, and throws things, saying I don’t know why I did this. Sanju says sorry, then love without reason, than throwing things, ignoring does not look good. She says love happens without reason. He asks her to come office by bus, it maybe big adventure. She says I have something interesting, will you spend a night with me. He gets shocked.

Sanju jumps and dances happily. His

imagination ends. She asks him to answer. He says yes, yes madam. She says alright then, you will spend a night with me in cemetery. He gets shocked and asks why. She says if you are scared, I will go with someone else. He says no, whats there, there are graves, skeleton, dogs barking, darkness, you will get bored there, what will you see there. She says its such place that many things can be seen, that’s exciting party, if you are afraid, then… He says I m not afraid and starts flattering. She asks him to dance too, in some special session, I will pick you and we will go to cemetery, get back to work now.

Dadi comes in Kashmira, and dances on Aa re pritam pyaare. Mummy and Bhupesh get shocked. Sanju comes home and stops music. He asks Kashmira whats happening, if anyone sees this, they will put video on internet, it will go viral. Dadi asks tell me how to dance. Sanju runs seeing Dadi. Bhupesh tells Sanju that Dadi won’t beat anyone today, its Dadi’s birthday. Sanju says its death day for dead people. Dadi says I will never come here now and coughs. Dadi goes. Kashmira asks Sanju when did you come.

Mummy says Sanju scolded Dadi and made her leave, Dadi got annoyed and went, she will never come now. Sanju says no, Dadi was troubled, I helped her to go heaven, Dadi got confused, I just said something, she felt bad and went. Kashmira says you did not say right to Dadi. Sanju says I have less time now. Bhupesh asks why, did you get any disease. Sanju says I have to go to Khiloni, he is alive, its his birthday, we will convince Dadi later, don’t worry Dadi will come back. Kashmira asks mummy will Dadi not come now. Mummy says yes, she said so, its good.

Sanjana and Sanju reach the cemetery. She says lets go inside. He says it look remain a mystery, there is no fun if we go inside. She says you are scared. He says I can die, but not get afraid. They hear someone calling out Julie. She asks did you hear it, someone said Julie, wow this is nice. Sanju asks who is it teasing madam as Julie. She says you are scared again. Sanju says no, we will wait till rain stops. Sanjana says fine.

Sanjana and Sanju go inside the cemetery and see the graves. She asks Sanju to talk slowly, don’t disturb atmosphere. He asks what atmosphere, this is graveyard, its dark place. She says I love darkness. He says I also don’t dislike light. She asks are you scared of darkness or what happens in darkness. He says both.

Sanjana says I did not see any romantic place than this, don’t you think. He looks at her and says I also feel this if you are saying. She asks him to sing a song.

Sanju says you just said atmosphere will get disturbed. He gets scared by cat. Sanjana says relax, its just a cat. Someone calls out Julie. She says someone said Julie, sing something. Sanju sings Julie song. Sanjana dances. Sanjana scares him wearing a mask. Sanju faints. She starts laughing.

Its morning, mummy waters plants and sees Sanju sleeping on the roadside. She gets Kashmira there and shows Sanju. Kashmira gets shocked. She says I had to see this day and wakes up Sanju. He says Julie. They get shocked. Mummy beats him. Sanju looks around and sees them.

The ghost gets after Sanju. Sanju wakes up by the voice and goes to see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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