May I Come in Madam 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 29th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju asking Kashmira and Bhupesh to think, they can get a dad. Kashmira asks him what nonsense is he saying. Mummy asks who will marry me, does Sanju know anyone. Sanju says yes, my boss. Bhupesh says he is old. Sanju says so what, he is a good man, I have seen love for mummy in his eyes, I know reading eyes. Kashmira asks him to just shut up. Bhupesh says its not a bad relation, boss is rich. Kashmira asks Sanju not to say this at home again, mummy won’t marry. Mummy says yes, but when does Chedi ji want to marry. Kashmira says we won’t discuss this again.

Sanju recalls Sanjana’s words. He sits sad. He signs mummy. Mummy asks Sanju how can he think this about her, I m getting anger and laughs. She goes dancing. Sanju asks is this anger. Bhupesh says I will

get rich Papa, Chedi. Its night, Sanju wakes up by Sanjana’s call. Sanjana asks whats the news. Sanju tells news. She asks about marriage talk. He says I will tell you tomorrow in office. She says I m not getting sleep by excitement, tell me. He says I m trying, don’t worry. She says just fix this and ends call.

He goes to Kashmira and wakes her up with love. He says I know you are not sleeping, world is big and different types of people exist, Chedi ji is a nice man, every parent wants to send daughter to good house, same way a daughter’s duty is to get good groom for mother, she can’t get any better guy than Chedi. Dadi comes in Kashmira and slaps him many times. He asks how can he make her bahu marry such man, what will you do tomorrow. He says I will tell Sanjana that her Papa can’t marry mummy. She asks him to sleep. He holds his head.

Its morning, Bhupesh greets boss as Papa and sits in his lap. He praises boss and says I wanted to get rich Papa. He asks boss to take him to Bangkok. Boss says it needs air ticket, will your Papa pay for it. Bhupesh says yes, and pulls his cheek. He makes more demands and says all of yours is mine. Sanju comes and asks Bhupesh to get up from boss’ lap. Bhupesh says he is my Papa. Boss asks Sanju any good news, did everyone agree. Sanju says sorry, this relation can’t happen. Boss gets angry and asks why. Bhupesh says you adopt me. Boss slaps and kicks him. He leaves.

Sanju thinks to tell madam but how. He goes to Sanjana. She says I m making clothes for Papa’s marriage. She asks Sanju to take her measurements and sends the tailor. Sanju gets glad and takes her measurements. She asks why did your mummy say, I m going Singapore next week, I want to take someone along me. He thinks he will go with madam, if I refuse now, she won’t take me along. He says mummy is hesitant to marry, she does not now boss well, we will see other good options. She says you are right, we should send them on date, everything will be better. He says they will fight. She says no, they love each other, convince your family for date. He leaves.

Sanju goes home and acts sweet with mummy. He calls her young and she gets shy. He asks her how did she like boss. She says he is fine, so what. He says just fine, that day I said he wants to marry you, you got glad, say truth. She laughs and says don’t tease me. He says no, I got Chedi Sir’s message, he has feelings for you in his heart. She says what can I do, Kashmira is stopping me. He says yes, Kashmira won’t agree, but will you like if I lose job. Mummy says no, I will be hurt, what can we do. He says you can help, Chedi Sir called you on date, you have to go on date and do something to upset him, so that he refuses for marriage. She gets angry.

Sanju says I tried my best, what can we do if Kashmira is not agreeing, I will lose job, just go for my sake. Kashmira asks where are you sending mummy, is it about boss. Sanju says no, that chapter closed, if you refuse for anything, can I dare to say it again, I was saying about Khiloni’s mum’s death anniversary, I wanted mummy to go there, I get sad to go there, and we both will go on dinner. Mummy smiles. Kashmira looks at mummy. Mummy starts acting. Kashmira and Sanju leave.

Sanju and Kashmira get seated in restaurant. She likes the place and asks why did you get me here. He says its best. She asks how do you know, it means you went to every restaurant, and liked this. He says no, I don’t have time. She asks whom did he get here, don’t lie. He says no one. She doubts him. He says I did not come here before. She calls waiter and asks him to get juice for her and same thing for Sanju. Waiter says oh, whiskey. She argues with Sanju. He says you started spoiling my mood. He sees boss and mummy and gets shocked. He says rates is very high, we will leave. Kashmira says I won’t leave from here. Golmaal hai…………plays……………

Sanjana says you gave me hope, now Papa is getting mad for marriage. He says don’t know what to do. She says we will make them elope and marry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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