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May I Come in Madam 29th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju jogging with Kashmira and getting tired. He says let me rest. She says you have to run, come. She asks him not to make any excuse. He sits and says I can’t run more. She asks him to increase stamina, look in her eyes and get romantic. He asks her to see moon and sleeps. She asks him to wake up. He argues with her. Dadi comes in Kashmira. She asks shall I make you sleep forever, why did you shout on Kashmira. He says I was tired. She gets Frisbee and asks him to become dog, get this Frisbee by mouth. Sanju gets Frisbee. Dadi slaps him.

Later, Sanju comes to office. Sanjana comes there. He greets her. She asks why do you look tired. He says I did exercise with Kashmira. She says you are so unfit, we will go by stairs today, not lift. He says no, we will

get late. She asks him to come. He says we will hear radio and go by lift. Lift man says radio is not working. Sanju asks when was it fine. Sanjana asks him to come. Sanju gets tired to go by stairs. She asks him to hurry up. He faints. Sanjana comes and slaps him. He gets up and she tells him how he fainted.

He says no, I was giving demo, how will I look if I faint in future. He gets too tired and rests on the stairs. Sanjana says you are sleeping here. He says its fine to sleep on this, you also try this. She asks him to come office, else he won’t have no time than to sleep. She goes.

Sanjana does yoga with her instructor. Sanju goes to her and says we will start. Instructor asks him to warm up his body. Sanju says I did a lot of exercise. Sanjana asks him to do. Sanju says I will do couple yoga warm up. Instructor says no, madam has done already. instructor asks Sanjana to look in his eyes, blood circulation in eyes get set. Sanju asks whats this exercise, focus on me, when will couple yoga start. instructor says you did not reach madam’s level. Sanjana agrees. Sanju thinks I have become crow and this trainer is enjoying with madam, my plan flopped.

Sanju gets bone pain and come to his locality. He screams of pain. Khiloni makes him sit and asks him to drink. Sanju says everyone is making me do exercise. Khiloni asks him to say in detail. Sanju tells him everything. He says this will happen everyday with me now, say my idea and save me. Khiloni suggests him to act like he has hand broken, then no one will make you exercise, make some excuse.

Sanju comes home with fake plaster. Kashmira asks what happened. Sanju tells about the accident. Bhupesh questions Sanju about his story. Sanju changes story and lies. Kashmira makes him sit and says I will get haldi milk for you. Bhupesh and mummy stare at Bhupesh. Bhupesh asks why does problem just knock your door. Kashmira gets haldi milk and hurts Sanju by mistake, He screams. He drinks milk and says we will sleep early, we have to go on jogging in morning. She asks him to take rest. Sanju thinks Khiloni’s idea is great.

Sanju goes office and shows hand fracture to Sanjana. He tells about accident. She says so sorry, that unfortunate. She asks him to get treatment done by bone specialist. He says I don’t need. She says don’t argue, I will call doctor. Sanju thinks my plan will get exposed.

Sanju and Khiloni go to office bathroom and scream. Boss hears them and wonders whats happening.

Update Credit to: Amena

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