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May I Come in Madam 28th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana looking for her dad and saying its my birthday today. She goes to him and sees him singing song. He says you did not say before coming. He hides the saree. She asks why did you hide this, for whom did you buy this, is there special occasion, tell me. He says there is someone special, Sanju’s mum in law has raised a parrot on this day, I will gift her this green saree. She asks are you sure you are not forgetting anything. He says I remember, I have to pay electricity bill today. She asks whats wrong with you, you remember electricity bill due date and forgot its my birthday today. He says oh yes, I remember, I was coming to wish you now. She asks him not to cover up your lie, I hate you. He says she got out of my hands.

Chedi makes the sorry card

for Sanjana. Sanju asks him what is he doing. Chedi says I m making card for Sanjana. Sanju asks why. Sanjana comes there. Sanju asks all fine. Sanjana asks do you come to work or ask my welfare. She asks him to tell Chedi to get coffee for her. Sanju asks her to say it. She says just do what I say and goes. Sanju asks Chedi what ddi you do. Chedi says madam is bit annoyed. Sanju asks what did you do, did you breakup with my mum in law and got new mummy for Sanjana. Chedi says no, I forgot her birthday. Sanju asks what, you did not say imp thing till now, does anyone forget big thing. Chedi says its small thing. Sanju asks when did you hear my mum in law’s Mujra last time. Chedi gives all details. Sanju says you remember all details and forgot madam’s birthday. He scolds Chedi. Chedi turns from peon to boss by wearing goggles. Boss scolds Sanju. Sanju says sorry, and calls Chedi/peon to get coffee for madam. Boss turns to peon and runs to give card and coffee to Sanjana. Sanju says I have to do something special for madam and impress her. Sanju goes to her and says I have to be careful, madam is very angry. He gives the work files and she likes her dedication. He says its special day today. She says don’t know, your mum in law raised parrot. Sanju says no, someone was born today, happy birthday madam. Sanjana laughs and says just you remember this, thanks, I owe you this one, you tell me how to celebrate my birthday, we will do that way. He shows balloon and says I will blow this huge balloon just for you. He blows balloon and says this is for you.

She says I don’t like big balloon and blasts it, get out. She asks did he go in his imaginations, where are you going. Sanju says I m going. She says you wanted to say you remember my birthday, my Papa would have told this. Sanju says I remember, I was waiting for it. She says then you would have got gift. He says I got the gift, I forgot it at home. She says how convenient, tell me what is it. He says gift is gold earrings. She says that’s thoughtful, interesting… I like it, there is jewelry market strike, I m sure you got this, if you did not buy it, you can’t get it from market, go home and get it, I want to see. He goes thinking how to get gold earrings.

He thinks of some idea, Khiloni my true friend, my black gold can help me. He calls Khiloni…. Khiloni asks what happened, tell me the new drama, you call me when you need help. Sanju tells him about Sanjana’s birthday. Khiloni asks what did you do. Sanju says what can I do if Sanjana is such. Khiloni says make cheap love story if you want, why do you dig pit to become hero, I have to come always to bring you out of pit. Sanju says yes, I m your friend. Khiloni asks him to become thief. Sanju scolds him. Khiloni says you have to steal at your home, Kashmira has many jewelry, get earrings for madam. Sanju says I can’t take big risk, Dadi will come and make me wear earrings and do mujra. He says this idea is bad and ends call.

Kashmira likes mummy’s jewelry connection and says its so good. Mummy says people valuing me gave me as gift. Sanju comes home and sees the jewelry. Kashmira asks how did you come so soon. Mummy asks did Chedi ji fire you from job. Mummy jokes on him.

Sanju asks Kashmira what problem she has when he came home early. She says sorry, I was doubting as you never come early. He says Bhupesh comes early as he leaves before office hours end. He taunts Kashmira for her doubts and jokes on mummy. Mummy keeps jewelry box in cupboard. Kashmira goes with mummy. Sanju checks jewelry and says mummy has so much jewelry, was her Nawab Sahab a dacoit.

Sanju gets earrings and says I never saw mummy wearing this, I will send this, even if mummy knows, she won’t care, she has Chedi and will get many earrings, her choice is A1, madam will like these earrings. Sanjana calls him and asks where are you, you are just making excuse. He says I m coming, your gift is shining in my hand, I will prove my love, I mean love and respect to my boss. She says come soon. He says I will polish these earrings and give this to Sanjana, maybe she gets happy and lets me bite her birthday cake.

Sanju gifts earrings to Sanjana and she likes it. Kashmira asks Sanju about mummy’s earrings, Dadi gave it to her. He denies of taking it and worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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