May I Come in Madam 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana flirting with Sanju and laughing. She winks to him. She says your turn now, wink. He gets shy and winks. She claps. His imagination ends. Sanjana beats him and asks what is this, I told you to help me, something went in my eye, you are winking. He says no, I was just saying to do this, wink and dust will go. She says then utter the words. Chedi comes and removes dust from her eyes. She goes to wash eyes. Sanjana and Chedi joke on Sanju and laugh by scaring him of transfer.

Chedi asks shall I get biscuits for you. Sanjana says don’t say infront of Sanju. Chedi asks why. Sanju thinks are they talking about gold biscuits smuggling, where will we take so much money. Sanjana asks Sanju to go and work. Sanju goes.

She asks Chedi why did he tell about

biscuits about Sanju, its infant biscuits. Chedi says so what, everyone has own choice. Sanjana says if my employees know I eat infant biscuits, they will make fun of me, I have grown up now. He says fine, I will get biscuits. He goes.

Mummy packs her bag. Kashmira gives dupatta. Sanju asks her to give makeup kit. Sanju comes and is glad mummy is leaving. Kashmira says mummy is going for satsang. Sanju jokes. Bhupesh comes and greets them. Sanju asks him to say good bye. Bhupesh asks him is he happy now.

Bhupesh asks mummy is she going to Dubai. Sanju says even Chedi is going there, Kashmira find out where is mummy going. Sanju gets Sanjana’s call and leaves to meet her. Mummy lies to Bhupesh and Kashmira about her trip. Sanju meets Sanjana. She kneads rice. He says you are kneading flour. She says thanks for guiding me, you are so smart and humble. She asks him to do her work. He asks her to say.

She asks him to tuck the hair behind. Sanju does so. Chedi comes and asks is pizza made. Sanju asks what happened to your leg. Chedi says I saved a girl from goons, and got hurt by jumping, I screamed by pain and goons run away, she dropped me home. Sanjana says Chedi can’t go Dubai, Sanju can go. Sanju asks what will I do. She says meet client, and get a parcel. He asks what will we there in parcel. She says its too personal, just do what I say. He says sorry, I won’t go. He makes silly excuses. She says its final, you are going, drop Papa to room.

Sanju comes home and hears mummy crying aloud. He asks what happened and jokes. Kashmira asks can’t you see mummy is worried. He says even I m worried, but I can’t cry, make her quiet. Kashmira shouts get quiet. Mummy says I can’t go Vrindavan, someone got hurt by accident. Kashmira asks your accident, you look fine. Sanju jokes. Mummy says driver met with an accident. Kashmira says its fine, go next time. Mummy smiles and says yes, I can go anytime. Bhupesh comes and cries. Sanju asks is there crying competition today. Kashmira asks Bhupesh why is he crying. Bhupesh says everything finished, my dream to make business broke. Sanju asks what. Bhupesh says my friend was getting gold biscuits and custom caught him, they are beating him. Sanju worries.

Sanjana calls Sanju inside the ladies washroom. Music plays…… Sanju smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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