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May I Come in Madam 28th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju stopping Sanjana to wait, mummy is having bath. She says I will meet her, I will wait in her bedroom. Sanjana goes there and says Sanju is liar, your mum in law is resting on bed. Sanju gets surprised seeing Khiloni and hugs him. He thanks him for coming. Sanjana greets Khilono, assuming her as Sanju’s mum in law. She hugs Khiloni and asks how did you go makeup when you are ill. Khiloni asks her to hug again. Sanju stops Khiloni and scolds him. Sanjana scolds Sanju. She asks him to talk to his mummy well.

Peon comes there to meet Sanju’s mum in law. He says Sanjana has come here, so I came to meet your mummy too. Sanjana and Khiloni come out. Khiloni hugs Sanjana again. He says Sanju is jealous of me. Peon asks Sanjana to introduce her. Sanju introduces

peon and says sorry, he is Sanjana’s dad, my boss. Peon says I m glad meeting you and hugs Khiloni. Khiloni makes him away and says tight hug is hurting me. Peon says I felt like hugging a rose and hugs him again. Khiloni hugs Sanjana again. Peon says I m glad meeting you and hugs him. Sanjana says we will leave now. Sanju recalls his words and blackmails Khiloni. Sanjana asks Sanju to take care of his mum in law. Peon says we will meet again and hugs him. Sanju asks shall I give parcel. peon asks what did you say. Sanju says nothing and shuts the door after Sanjana and her dad leave. Sanju kicks Khiloni.

The door bell rings. Sanju sends Khiloni. He gets shocked seeing Kashmira, Bhupesh and mummy back so soon. Kashmira says the movie was very bad. Bhupesh asks for food and Kashmira beats him. Sanju asks them to have dinner and come. Kashmira says we just came and Sanju wants to send us again, did you call anyone. Sanju says no, are you mad. Mummy says he is lying, he stammers when he lies. Sanju says there is no one at home. Khiloni messages Sanju that he left from window. Sanju asks them to go and change clothes, check the house well. Kashmira beats Bhupesh and asks him to change clothes.

Its morning, Sanju and Sanjana are in lift. He greets Sanjana and says mummy got fine after meeting you, she is recovering, doctors took their sorry back. She says I will meet her again, your mummy hugged me so many times, she is lovely. He says she is cheap, I mean your dad is also that type. She says yes, he is also like that. He says even your dad is cheap, I mean he is lovely. Lift guard plays a song. Churake dil/beep mera……. Sanju looks at Sanjana. He asks guard to stop the radio, don’t play it till it gets fine. Sanjana says I kept prayers Sabha for your mummy’s long life, you could say thanks. He worries as Bhupesh will also be there. Sanju takes the faulty radio.

Peon asks Sanjana to start. Sanjana says the lines and explains meaning. She tells about the desires, love and feelings for loved ones, why they go to pray. Bhupesh asks whats happening. Sanju says timepass, you go to have tea and gives money. Bhupesh says no, madam is giving good pravachan. Sanjana says the lady is fighting with her death, I met her once and liked her. Bhupesh asks Sanju about whom is she saying. Sanju says don’t know. Sanjana says we should pray for her, Papa, would you like to say two words. Peon wears goggles and turns into boss. He says I can’t finish in two words, less women get such figure, I felt like hugging a sponge, I will pray Lord keeps her fine. Sanjana asks Sanju to say something. Sanju says I will say, she was a good lady, I mean, she is, Lord make her healthy soon. Sanjana asks Bhupesh to say few things about his mummy, will he pray for his mum. Bhupesh says what happened to my mummy, she is fine. Sanju says this is called positive thinking. Sanjana says that’s good attitude. They all pray for mummy. Bhupesh looks at Sanju. Sanju closes eyes to avoid Bhupesh. Khiloni dressed as mummy comes there. Peon gets glad and hugs him. Khiloni pushes him. Sanju gets shocked seeing Khiloni and calls him Saala. Peon asks are you calling your saas as saala.

Mummy beats Khiloni. Sanju says leave him, and holds Khiloni. Mummy pulls out Khiloni’s wig.

Update Credit to: Amena

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