May I Come in Madam 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kashmira asking Sanju to come after half an hour. Sanju says I m unwell. She says just don’t come. He says since my hair left me, all the world left me. He goes to bathroom by the window. Mummy sees him and thinks its thief. She takes a stick and beats him. She calls out Bhupesh to come soon. Bhupesh also beats him and takes him out. Kashmira and her friends also beat Sanju.

Sanju scolds Bhupesh. Bhupesh removes the blanket. They all get shocked seeing Sanju. Kashmira’s friends laugh on him. Sanju says they have beaten me. Mummy says its good we have beaten less. Sanju scolds Bhupesh. Kashmira asks why did he come at this time. Bhupesh says Sanju looks smart. The ladies joke on Sanju and leave. Kashmira scolds Sanju for getting her insulted, how did you go bald

without asking me. Sanju says I did not know, Lalwani has hair tonic, I applied that, it was hair remover, I lost all hair. Kashmira says I liked your hair, why did you apply hair tonic. Mummy asks who is that lady for whom Sanju tried to make his hair shiny. Sanju gets annoyed and says I will go and sleep outside. Bhupesh gives him a blanket.

Sanju sleeps on the road and cries. He says even Khiloni left me. Kanchan comes. Sanju asks her to give her hair to him. She says you look hot in bald look also. She drinks and goes. Sanju calls Sanjana and says I was missing you, I wanted to talk to you. She says you are drunk, why do you drink so much, you are talking nonsense, your sight is very scary, don’t call me, I don’t want to sleep with a nightmare, till your hair does not grow, you should not call. She ends call and says stupid man.

The power failure occurs at Sanjana’s house. Her dad goes to check fuse. Sanju meets Sanjana. She avoids to see him. Sanju tells about getting beaten up like a thief at home, should a man die if he gets bald. She asks him to go, else she will call security. He says call them. Boss checks the fuse box and switches on the power. He tells Sanjana that someone switched off the power button. He scolds Sanju for doing this and coming this way. Sanju says Sanjana is not talking to me, what shall I do.

Sanjana says I can’t handle this, I will deal with Sanju tomorrow. Sanju holds her leg. She says leave my leg and runs. Boss says go to room, your life has risk. He calls Sanju funny. Sanju walks to home. Khiloni meets him and says I was waiting for you, this is your medicine, its imported oil, apply it now and you will get hair till morning, this will work as magic if baldness is not natural. Sanju thanks him.

Its morning, Kashmira wakes up and sees Sanju inside the room. She goes to wake him and asks him how did he come here. Sanju says don’t trouble me. She gets shocked seeing his hair, and asks how did this happen. He says I told you about Lalwani’s hair tonic. She shows him the mirror. He gets shocked and glad. He says I got my hair and hugs her. He asks her to call her mummy and Bhupesh now, they joked on my baldness. She says sorry, it was my mistake to call you bad. He says if man gets bald, is he not human, a new born baby is also bald, everyone calls him cutu.

Kashmira apologizes to him and says you looked cute in bald look too. He says fine, it was my mistake too to come infront of your friends, I have forgiven you. He says I have to go office, prepare breakfast. She goes. Sanju says madam, your old Sanju is coming, be ready.

At office, Peon asks Sanju do you want anything. Sanju talks with confidence. Peon asks him to show his bald head so that his mood changes. Sanju says fine and shows his newly grown hair. Peon gets sad. Sanju asks him to laugh now. He scolds peon and asks him to get tea. Peon goes. Sanjana comes there and says Sanju, your hair is back and how. Sanju thanks her and says its magical medicine, it grew beautifully.

He praises her. She says thanks for happiness, will you just praise me or do anything else. Sanju says I can do anything, give me one chance. She asks him to come at her house in evening. He says I will reach. She says client Mehra will meet there, you will be model in his ad film, we need a bald man for the ad, so get this hair shaved in evening. He gets shocked.

Sanjana and Sanju are in graveyard. Sanjana sings Julie song.

Update Credit to: Amena

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