May I Come in Madam 28th July 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 28th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju getting angry seeing a man. Bunty comes wearing girl’s clothes and says this is my man Chintu, we are going in fancy dress. Chintu says I have become a goon. Sanju says you look on. Kashmira is worried and asks mummy what to do to make Sanju do something. Mummy asks her to go on honeymoon. Kashmira says I will try. Boss calls mummy and flirts with her.

He says its my birthday tomorrow. She asks his age. He laughs and says sweet 18, one year older to you. She calls him naughty. Kashmira feels awkward hearing them. He says I have a request, I want to celebrate my birthday at your house. She says I will do arrangements, I love….. She ends call. Kashmira asks shall we go on honeymoon together. Mummy says fine. Kashmira asks her to have some shame. Mummy laughs.

Sanju tells Khiloni that he wants to die. He asks for some solution. Khiloni gives him rat poison. Sanju scolds him and thanks him for poison. Boss cuts the cake at Sanju’s home, while everyone sing the birthday song. Sanjana hugs boss and wishes him. Mummy and boss flirt.

Sanjana asks for Sanju. Bhupesh says maybe he is in room, I will get him. Kashmira says I m worried because of him. Bhupesh gets Sanju. Boss scolds Sanju. Sanjana asks Sanju why was he hiding in room. She asks him did you not tell this to Kashmira. Sanju says my married life will get ruined, she will be hurt, I request you, don’t say. Kashmira says tell me, what happened. Sanjana says Sanju did a big thing, he made me pregnant. Kashmira gets shocked. Mummy asks Kashmira to see Sanju. Kashmira asks Sanju how can he cheat her.

Sanju says I don’t remember anything. Mummy asks him why. Sanjana says I can explain this. She tells the matter how they entered the cave and spent night there, Sanju was feeling cold, he fainted, I drank brandy and I lost senses, it just happened. Khiloni asks what happened. Sanjana says I m not saying any C grade movie story. Boss says I will kill Sanju. Kashmira says kill me. Sanju scolds boss and says I m dying on my own, I m drinking poison. They all get shocked.

Sanju tells Kashmira that he is regretting. Sanjana says why did Sanju drink poison, I joked. Kashmira says Sanju died. Khiloni says Sanju did not die, he has drank red wine instead poison. Sanju gets conscious. Sanjana apologizes and says it was just a prank, a jungle man slept with you that day. Sanju vomits.

Its morning, Sanju goes to meet Sanjana in her cabin. She says I feel our hearts are linked, and you will understand me. He says I know. She says living alone is tough. He says a lot. She asks about marriage. He says I m already married. She tells about her Papa’s marriage with his mum in law.

She asks him to think about his mum in law. He says she does not need marriage. She says I checked newspapers and matrimonial sites, but I liked your mum in law, I can’t see my Papa alone. He asks what will people say. She says we will say they are clean characters so they took much time. He thinks he will get free of mummy and agrees. She says wow, I will get brand new mumma, get back to work.

Sanju comes home and greets mummy well. Mummy says I don’t have loan to give you. Sanju says I came to give you something. Bhupesh says Sanju is fooling mummy. Sanju says nothing like that. He feeds apple to mummy and says I m so bad, I did not think good of you.

Kashmira comes. Sanju asks mummy does she not have right to live and be happy. Kashmira asks is he drunk. Sanju says I m not drunk, can’t I think good of mummy, how long will mummy stay alone, its necessary for her to get out of this loneliness, I want her to start new life, she can manage a new home, a man who loves and cares for her. Mummy says don’t tease me. Sanju says I m not, I want to say why don’t we get mummy married. They get shocked.

Sanju says sorry, this relation can’t happen Sir. Bhupesh says you adopt me Sir. Boss slaps Bhupesh and kicks him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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