May I Come in Madam 28th December 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 28th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju and Khiloni acting and fooling Sanjana. Sanju tells a fake story of a beggar, who lost both kidneys. Sanjana says you can give him kidney. Khiloni says I don’t want kidney and liver, I want money. Sanju gives him money and watch. He thinks Khiloni is great actor. Sanjana says so sorry to doubt on you, now I doubt my friend, its misunderstanding. I will drop you home, come. Sanju asks her to go. She asks him to come office from tomorrow. She leaves.

He says Khiloni you acted so well. Khiloni asks when did I do acting. Sanju asks for money and watch. Khiloni asks are you mad, I m coming now. Sanju asks to whom did I give money and watch. Khiloni asks did you give to real beggar. Sanju slaps and scolds him for coming late.

Sanju comes home. Kashmira

scolds him. He says I m not Albela Ashiq. She says I could not think you cheated me. He says I can’t think of cheating. Kashmira says your mistress has come. Sanju scolds mummy. Dadi comes and holds Sanju. Mummy and Bhupesh run away. Dadi scolds Sanju. He says its misunderstanding. Dadi slaps him and beats him. They see breaking news of actual Albela Ashiq. Sanju says I said I m not Albela Ashiq. Dadi goes. Kashmira says I will do aid for wounds. He gets angry.

Its morning, Sanju goes to office and waits for Sanjana. He greets her. She scolds him and says I have seen news. He says you did not believe me. She says you convinced me that you are Albela Ashiq. He says I was joking, I can’t bear your annoyance. She says fine, you are fired.

Its night, Sanju waits for Khiloni. Sanjana comes and confesses feelings. She says I love you. He asks really. She says yes, did I come here to joke, I want to know do you love me. He says yes. She asks him to prove by doing something crazy, shout out your love for me. He says fine. He shouts I love you madam. She says I love you too. Khiloni throws stone and says if Kashmira hears, she will not leave you. Sanju realizes he imagined all that.

He tells about his dream. Khiloni jokes. Sanju claps him. Kahsmira and Mummy come from shopping. Sanju gets angry on them. Kashmira asks him to see the saree. Khiloni says its fantastic saree, you will look great. Sanju scolds him. He says its great saree. Mummy says it will be good, its worth 15000rs. Sanju asks what, its costly. Kashmira says its Maasi’s marriage. He says I like it if you like, 15000rs will come again. She thanks him. Khiloni says my wife asks for saree every month. Sanju asks what does she do of so many sarees. Khiloni says don’t know, I never got it for her.

Its morning, Sanju gets shocked seeing Sanjana in saree. He says Kashmira got same saree, madam looks so great. He imagines smoke around. She says I can see fire in your heart, I love fire. She sings Jiya jale….. He holds her saree pallu and sings. Sanjana scolds him. His imagination ends. He says I was checking the fabric, Kashmira got same color and same design saree. She says that’s a coincidence, I know Kashmira has good taste. He says yes, she chose me. She jokes and laughs. They get inside lift.

Sanju thinks to click pic of Sanjana. She asks will you click pic without permission. He says no, imp call is going to come. He gets call. Kashmira says I got ruined, how will I go to Maasi’s marriage, the saree which I got is stolen. He asks what, its costly saree, ask your mummy. She says mummy is at home. He shouts do I wear your sarees. He says sorry madam. He tells Kashmira not to tell him now, they will talk at night. He looks at Sanjana and the saree. He thinks did madam steal this saree.

Kashmira asks Sanju how dare you steal saree and give madam. He says why will I give it to madam, I will find out. He asks her to see sandals. Sanjana sleepwalks and steals Kashmira’s saree.

Update Credit to: Amena

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