May I Come in Madam 27th September 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 27th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with mummy telling Bhupesh of a proposal. Kashmira comes and scolds them. She says Sanjana has come here, Sanju and Sanjana are celebrating picnic, they will sleep together in the tent, and Sanjana has ordered me to make brown rice. Bhupesh asks her to make tea for him. Mummy says I will see a nice girl for Bhupesh. Kashmira asks why are you ruining my family. Mummy says I did not do anything, Sanju is ruining the family. Bhupesh says home is made by family, not walls. Kashmira argues with him for not apologizing to Sanju.

Sanju and Sanjana sit near the bonfire. Sanju drinks. Chand phir nikla…….plays…… Kashmira sees them and gets jealous.

Its morning, Boss wakes up and Sanjana greets him. Boss says I m still sleepy. Sanjana says this used to happen

with me before, I used to be restless to sleep. Then I used camping and found a great change, you also try. Boss says your Bua will not leave me, I could not leave her alone, I have tp protect her. Sanjana asks why did you keep hand on your cheek. He says your Bua has hit me. Bua comes and asks Sanjana not to go for camping. Sanjana says I had no problem. Bua says my hand got pain, Chedi does not get up to have water, I have to slap him. Sanjana says now that explains, I have to go with friends on camping even today. She goes. Bua asks Boss to control his daughter, she has gone out of hand, do something. Boss snores.

Kashmira, mummy and Bhupesh wait for Sanju. Sanju comes from bathroom in undergarments. They stare at him. Sanju goes back and comes in towel. Bhupesh asks what are you doing there. Mummy says you have sworn to go out. Kashmira asks them to apologize. Bhupesh says I don’t want to, but I decided you can stay in this house. Kashmira slaps him. Sanju scolds Bhupesh. Sanju says I will sleep outside. Kashmira says no need, they are apologizing. Sanju says its needed, I will sleep in tent.

Kashmira asks Birju to get Sanju’s fav veg. Birju says Sanju likes other things, shall I get women. Kashmira scolds him. Mummy comes. Kashmira argues with her. Birju tells them that Sanju is not seen out of tent, I have seen him and got shocked. Kashmira asks what did you see. Birju asks what shall I say. Mummy asks them to say. He says I have seen Sanju and Sanjana talking, nothing happened, you know, keep them away. I m coming to just alert you, my work is to sell vegs. Kashmira worries.

Its night, Sanjana laughs on Sanju’s joke. She asks him how was it to sit on grass. He says no, grass is always greener outside. Kashmira asks Bhupesh to go and apologize to Sanju, get him inside. She slaps Bhupesh. Bhupesh does not listen. Dadi comes. Bhupesh and mummy try to run away. Dadi asks them to apologize to Sanju, else I will see you.

Sanju asks Sanjaana to tell him if any wild animal comes here. Sanjana says I did not know any wild animal will come to city. Sanju asks him to see animals coming now. Bhupesh and mummy come. They ask him to come home. Kashmira asks Sanju to come. Boss comes there and says boss is not called boss till we hears specs, and lover is not called lover till he comes to heroine’s lane. Sanjana saks what are you doing here. Boss says I will also sleep in this tent, and flirts with mummy.

Sanju scolds him and asks him to leave. Boss wears specs and scolds Sanju. Bua comes and slaps boss, saying this black specs don’t suit you, what are you doing here. Boss says Sanjana said camping is fun, so I came here. Bua asks why did you not tell me, we will do camping together. Sanju asks will you stay in tent. Bua says yes, let me have fun. Sanjana asks boss whats this, why did you get problem here, I m going home now. Boss asks lift. Sanjana tells Sanju that she is going back home and leaves. Boss tells them he will be back and goes. Sanju says I won’t go till they apologize.

Bhupesh asks Sanju to come. Kashmira coughs. Mummy and Dadi apologize thinking Dadi came. Sanju says fine, I will come on one condition, it will be just us here. Kashmira agrees. Mummy and Bhupesh get inside tent. Sanju flirts with Kashmira and goes inside house.

Sanju says I went to jewelry market. Kashmira asks did you buy gift for someone. Sanju jokes on Kashmira and mummy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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