May I Come in Madam 27th October 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 27th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chedi and Sanjana getting Sanju to office cabin. Sanju gets surprised seeing the big cabin decorated. Sanjana says this is your office from now. Sanju says this was not needed. Chedi says call her sister, not madam. Sanju scolds him. Chedi wears goggles and turns to boss. Chedi smiles and says Gappu, you are heir of my family, how can you talk like this. Sanju asks him to fire Chedi. Chedi says this can’t happen, he is honest and talented, you are the owner now. Sanjana says yes, I came here to manage this company, now you can manage and I will go back. Sanju says no, how will I live without you. Chedi says he has plans to enjoy life, what is your problem.

Sanju says we know our relation, but not the world, how will we explain everyone. They agree. Sanju says

lets drop this idea. Chedi says no, we will keep havan and Sanjana till tie rakhi to you, we will get pics printed in newspapers, everyone will know you are my son and Sanjana is your sister. She says I love it, we will start preparing for function. They leave. Sanju waits for khiloni to come and save him. Khiloni meets Sanjana and says you are my sister, I came to meet you. She asks him to stay away and shouts to call Chedi. Chedi comes. Khiloni says I m your son and shows pic, saying its me. Chedi says I don’t believe this. Khiloni says I tried finding you and got dusky .

Chedi says sorry, hug me. Khiloni thanks him. Chedi says I will not leave you and slaps him. He says you are fraud and wanted our property, Sanjana call police. Khiloni says no, its house matter, we will sort it here. Chedi says right and beats him by belt. Sanju stops Chedi. Chedi says your friend is dreaming to turn rich. Khiloni says no, Sanju …… Sanju also beats him and scolds. He says I will call police, you go Papa.

Its morning, Bhupesh waits for Sanju. Mummy says why is Sanju taking so much time. Sanju comes covered in bedsheet and says I m unwell, you all go, I can’t come. Kashmira says function is for you, what will we do. Sanju says Bhupesh will have food there. Kashmira says I will get medicines, get ready.

Bhupesh asks are you unwell thinking you will become Sanjana’s brother. Sanju scolds him. He asks Kashmira to call Chedi and ask him to postpone program. She says I m worried for you. Bhupesh says Sanju does drama. Sanju goes and slaps him. Kashmira looks on. Sanju says see how unwell I m, I could just slap once, else I would have slapped him many times, call Chedi and say I can’t come.

Mummy says I won’t call. Sanju calls Chedi and says I got unwell, I can’t come. Chedi says don’t worry I will get ambulance and get you in puja, then I will admit you in hospital and pay bills. Sanju asks what, I will come. Chedi says no, I can’t lose you. Sanju says I m fine now, I will come. Chedi says come soon, take care. Sanju goes to get ready.

They reach Sanjana’s house. Bhupesh asks Kashmira to keep an eye on Sanju, he will become rich and get girls. She slaps him and asks him to be quiet. Chedi flirts with Kashmira’s mummy. Sanju thinks to break their dreams now. Pandit asks Sanjana to do tilak and tie rakhi to Sanju. Sanju acts to faint. He says I m fainting. Bhupesh asks him to say truth. Kashmira slaps him.

Sanju says I said I m unwell. Chedi says puja can’t be left incomplete, Sanjana tie rakhi soon. A man comes and gives courier to Sanjana. She checks it. Chedi asks her to hurry up. She says its imp, its Sanju’s DNA test reports, it does not match with your DNA, it means Sanju is not my Gappu Bhaiya. Kashmira asks her to check well. Sanju gets glad. Sanjana says its true, I did not get brother’s vibe from Sanju and I got these tests done, its clear now. Chedi asks how did Sanju get your and Gappu’s pic. They all look at Sanju.

Its morning, Sanju goes to Sanjana. She hides and scares him. He shouts in fear. She laughs aloud. He greets her. She compliments him and says I was joking. She says something went in my eye, check it, don’t be scared, help me. She winks to him. He gets shocked.

Sanjana asks Sanju to go Dubai to do Chedi’s work. Bhupesh says my friend was caught by custom and beaten up. Sanju worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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