May I Come in Madam 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 27th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju ringing the door bell and hiding. Boss comes out to check. Sanju goes inside Sanjana’s house and looks for the pickles’ Barni. He finds the Barni on the dining table. Boss comes back and says these locality kids always ring bell and trouble. Sanju hides and tries taking the Barni. Sanjana comes there and asks Sanju what is he doing here. Boss asks when did you come. Sanju says you did not see me, I thought you are annoyed with me. Sanju asks Sanjana will she talk to him. She asks how can he come here without reason. He says I have a reason, I have to take pickles back. Sanjana says I thought you have big heart and sensitive when you got pickles for me. Sanju says no, I wanted to add Ajwan. Boss says I will add it. Sanju says its ladies work. Sanjana says my Papa

is an excellent cook. Boss asks does your mum in law make tea at your home, I m sure she makes sweet and solid tea.

Sanju jokes and asks shall I take this pickle. She says no, don’t bother, Papa will do it. Soss asks Ssanju to have tea. Sanju refuses and goes.

Sanju gets same Barni with pickles from Khiloni and says Khiloni is very clever, its same Barni. Dadi sits on Bhupesh. Sanju says I found pickles Dadi, mummy has hidden it in garden, I m getting late for office, send Kashmira. Dadi says wait, I will first taste these pickles. Dadi tastes pickles and says this is not pickle made by Kashmira. She takes Sanju and beats him. Mummy and Bhupesh smile. Dadi says I m giving you time till tonight, get pickle else you will also become spirit like me.

Sanju rushes to office and meets Sanjana. She says I was thinking about you. He asks really, I always think about you. She looks about him. He says I also think about work. She says for these pickles, I will… He asks will you give love, that’s enough for me, I mean don’t eat these pickles. She asks whats wrong with you. He says my aunty asked me not to eat the pickles, it has fungus, give it to me. She says fine, I will send office car to your house. He says car for pickles, fine I will take it, which brand? She says its for your aunty, I want you to get her here, I want to learn pickle recipe from her. Sanju says she can’t come. She says this pickle added taste in my life. She convinces him. She asks him to get back to work.

Next day, Sanju gets Khiloni as his aunty, and asks him not to get close to Sanjana. Sanjana meets them and asks aunty to sit. Sanjana asks the special pickle recipe, I want to learn immediately. She asks Sanju to come close and takes her pen from his pocket. She asks what is her pen doing in his pocket. He says maybe it came by mistake. She asks Sanju to note down recipe. Khiloni starts telling about mango pickle. Sanjana says I thought its lemon pickle. Khiloni says lemon and mango are same. Boss comes and Sanjana introduces Sanju’s aunty. Boss flirts with Khiloni.

Khiloni holds Sanjana’s hand and boss holds Khiloni’s hand. Sanju stops boss. Sanjana gets some call and says send her inside. She says we have a surprise for Sanju. Kashmira comes there and greets them. She says I got pickles for Sanjana. Sanjana says what a coincident, I was learning pickle recipe from Sanju’s aunty. Kashmira greets Khiloni and says Sanju did not tell me about his aunt. Sanju says even I did not know this, I met her in market.

Kashmira asks Khiloni to come for dinner. Khiloni says no, I don’t go out of home much time, I came here to save Sanju’s job. Sanju jokes. Sanjana says Mr. Sajan is such a horrible man, how disrespectful. She asks Kashmira to make dinner plan, she will join it too. Boss says even I will join, as Sanju’s mum in law will also be there.

At night, Sanju tells Kashmira that aunty is not coming for dinner, and cooks some story. Kashmira asks him not to fight with aunty and convince her. He asks don’t I have self respect. Kashmira says fine, I will go. Sanju says no need to meet aunty.

Kashmira goes. Sanju asks her to listen. She says I won’t, are you ashamed to make me meet your relatives. Mummy gets ready and comes. Sanju argues with her. Sanju gets Khiloni’s call and acts like talking to some neighbor. He sits crying and tells Kashmira that aunty passed away. Kashmira gets shocked.

Sanju tells new story again. Kashmira says sorry. Sanju goes to washroom. Bhupesh asks what happened. Mummy says Sanju does this always, he uses mind. Sanju calls Khiloni and says I told fake story of fake aunty’s death, no one will say about meeting aunty. Dadi comes there in washroom. Sanju gets shocked. Dadi says I will punish you for this lie, you make fake stories. He apologizes. He gets beaten up.

Kashmira asks Sanju for his time. He says I will come home early tomorrow, we will go for dinner. Boss talks to staff and says since Sanjana joined our company, company is running in loss. Sanjana changes the office timings from 9am to 9pm.

Update Credit to: Amena

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