May I Come in Madam 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 27th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju saying I don’t remember what happened that night, maybe you are mistaken that its my child. She says you mean I m characterless, this is not your child, then whose child is it. He says no, you may have any close friend. She says you are my BF. He says I m ordinary employee. She says fine, I will get DNA test done, then you have to accept you are the child’s father. She plucks his hair and says now we will talk after DNA test.

Khiloni asks what, is this true, are you not ashamed to make Sanjana pregnant. He scolds Sanju. Sanju slaps Khiloni. He asks Khiloni to give his name to Sanjana’s baby. Khiloni asks who are you, I don’t know you. He leaves.

Sanju comes home. Mummy sings song. Kashmira welcomes Sanju home. Mummy laughs. Kashmira asks Sanju

for a child. He says whats the need, you enjoy life. She gets romantic and sings maang meri bharo….. She dances and hugs him.

He gets Sanjana’s call and goes to bathroom to talk. Sanjana asks him to come soon, I slipped in bathroom. He asks did you get hurt. She says yes. He says your Papa will be there. She says Papa went out, come soon. He agrees. He acts like talking to Khiloni infront of Kashmira and leaves. She gets frustrated.

Sanju goes and meets Sanjana. She says I lied because baby wanted to meet you. He thinks whats this problem. Boss asks Sanju what is he doing here. Sanjana lies about work. Sanju also makes excuses. Boss says I was talking to your mum in law, go home. Sanju leaves.

Its morning, Lalwani asks Sanjana to start preparation. Sanju joins late and scolds peon. Peon wears goggles and burns to boss. He scolds Sanju. Sanjana tells her idea. She says a man cheated the girl in love and now she is pregnant, we have to speak about her state, girl wears that womb and she looks normal, it will be Lalwani’s pregnancy wear. Lalwnai likes the idea. Boss says its great concept. She gets vomit and runs. Boss and Lalwai look at Sanju. Sanju gets worried.

Sanjana comes back and eats tamarind. Boss says its something fishy. He asks Sanju and Lalwani to wait outside, till he talks to Sanjana. Sanju runs. Lalwani congratulates boss for becoming Nana. Boss asks Sanjana what happened.

Sanju worries about Sanjana saying truth to peon/boss. Boss comes there and says Sanjana is pregnant, we have to mourn now. He scolds the man who did this and asks him to help. He says he hired a killer to kill that man. Sanju says that man is not here. Boss says how can you say, maybe he is here.

Sanju calls Khiloni and says boss came to know Sanjana is pregnant, he will shoot me if he knows its me, Kashmira is upset. Sanjana comes and asks Sanju to run, his dad is coming to kill him. He gets shocked. Sanju sees a goon outside his hous and recalls boss’ words.

Sanjana asks Sanju not to tell Kashmira. Sanju says I will tell later. Kashmira asks whats happening. Sanjana says Sanju did a big thing.

Update Credit to: Amena

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