May I Come in Madam 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 27th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju answering Sanjana’s call in anger and shouting. She says you don’t know what happened with me. He calms down and asks what happened. She says you spoke to me in anger, I thought you will help me. He says I m born to help you, tell me what is it. She says I did not eat anything since morning, can you get any food. He says don’t worry, I m there. Khiloni scolds Sanju and asks where did your anger go. Sanju says I will see her in problem, she asked me to get some food, what does cats eat. Khiloni says I got a solution, its right way to bring Sanjana’s truth in front of Kashmira.

Sanju goes to Sanjana’s house. He records and gives the special food to Sanjana. She says you are so sweet, you are my genie. He asks her to say what is she becoming. She

says you know that. He says I want to hear it once, its special item, close your eyes. She asks is it momos, or burger. He asks her to close eyes. He gets a rat and she screams. She scolds him. He asks what happened, why are you scared, you said you don’t want to eat normal food. Sanjana says be away, don’t catch that rat. Chedi says why, Sanjana will not eat that. Sanju says rat is cat’s fav. She says don’t come to me, I m not a cat, I did all that to teach you a lesson. Sanju says why did you do this.

Sanjana says you were seeing Naag Naagin serials in office, I wanted to change that thinking, I m normal. He says I lost trust in humanity, you know I m kicked out from house. Chedi asks how do you understand easily. She says sorry, I know you can take this much stress for me. He thinks it was cute stress. He comes home and knocks door asking Kashmira to talk.

He asks her to see the video. Kashmira sees Sanjana’s video. He asks do you want more proof. She apologizes. She says I love you a lot, so I got jealous, even I have to answer Lord. He argues for not trusting him. She says I trust you, you do such things. He says I m not such. Crow comes there and does caw caw. She looks at him. Jhooth bole kawwa kaate…..plays………..

Its morning, Sanju comes to Sanjana’s cabin. He sees Sanjana meditating. He imagines dancing as monkey. She asks him to calm down, why are you jumping like a monkey. He says I was seeing if this building is strong. She says I m not able to bear this weird habits, I think you should also meditate. He says I m seeing you meditating for the first time. He says I want to spend a simple life and hear good things, I want to detoxify my body.

Chedi comes and gives her green tea. Sanjana thanks him. Chedi says I m happy that you did not go out of hands. She asks him to come to meditation camp with her. He says I m young, what will I do there. Sanju asks him to see mirror once. Chedi taunts Sanju. Sanjana says Chedi is behaving like a teenager, I booked two tickets. Chedi asks her to take Sanju and goes.

Sanju goes home and sees Sanjana’s pic on the way. He asks her to change if she wants, but his love will never get less. He kisses her pic. Someone clicks her pic. Sanju asks who is clicking pic and slaps a man. The man says I did not click pic. Sanju says sorry, who clicked the pic. Mummy does song rehearsal. Sanju comes home and argues. Kashmira says there is a good news, someone is coming to see Bhupesh. Sanju jokes.

Sanju says I can’t wish bad for that girl. Sanju gets a call and goes to answer. The man blackmails him and says I know your secret, I have your pic, I will send that pic to your wife. Sanju asks which pic and recalls someone clicking his pic. He says please my wife should not get that pic, I will do what you say. The man asks him to throw water on anyone who is laughing. Sanju says fine, I will do this. Mummy laughs. Sanju sees her and throws water on her face. Kashmira and Bhupesh get shocked.

Kashmira asks did you go mad. Sanju says yes, I got mad in happiness, I was checking is this is true or not. Bhupesh asks why did you throw water on Mummy. Kashmira scolds Sanju. Sanju says sorry. He thinks who is blackmailing me.

Sanju dances in Sanjana’s cabin and strips for Sanjana. She sits meditating. Kashmira comes there. Sanju gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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