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May I Come in Madam 27th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju greeting Sanjana. She asks how are you. He says I m just passing my life. He appears sad. She says I m glad meeting your wife, she is very sweet lady, I don’t think she fights with you. He says elephant has teeth to show and eat. She asks how can you use that word for your life. He says sorry, nothing is set in my life. She says come to my cabin, I will set your life. She goes. He thinks what will madam do….

Peon follows Sanju and asks do you want anything. Sanju says what I want, you can’t give me. Peon asks him to just say it. Sanju says leave it, you can’t give me. Peon says tell me. Sanju scolds him. Peon wears goggles and turns into boss. He scolds Sanju. Sanju says I just came office. Boss asks what can’t peon give you. Sanju says I was

joking, he is like my sasur. Boss asks what. Sanju says nothing. Boss asks about his mum in law. Sanju says she is clever. Boss asks how is she. Sanju says she flirts with everyone. Boss scolds him. Sanju thinks to meet Sanjana. Boss says she is great lady. Sanju asks will you marry her. Boss laughs and goes.

Bhupesh comes there and asks what was peon saying. Sanju says he was asking about your mum. Bhupesh says peon is stupid. Sanju goes to meet Sanjana. He gets shocked seeing Kashmira in Sanjana’s seat. He says I see my wife in you. She says I m your wife. He gets shocked. Sanjana says relax, I called her here. Sanju asks why, you said you feel very lonely, so I called her, it was a correct decision right. He thinks its very bad idea. He says its good idea. Kashmira asks why is he sad. He says I m very happy seeing you here, now go home. Her mummy is alone at home.

Kashmira says I have sent mummy to parlor. Sanju thinks madam cheated me. Sanjana asks Sanju to show office to Kashmira. She finds them a cute couple. Sanju asks Kashmira to go home, else his time will get waste, its bore company, I will come home early and we will enjoy. She says sure, I will leave. Sanjana comes and stops Kashmira. She says I want to gift a package to you both. Sanju jokes.

Sanjana says I mean I want to gift holiday package, its from the company. Kashmira thanks and hugs Sanjana. Sanju gets shocked.

Sanjana comes to office in cool biker look. Sanju gets shocked seeing her. She says she likes to ride bike, and asks does he have any wish which he wants to fulfill. He says yes, I don’t think I can fulfill it, there is no way. Mai tera fan hai…………plays……….. They get inside lift. She says she had made a tattoo, I like those kind of tattoos which have some symbol. She says its useless to have name written on tattoo, love should be in heart. He says right, what tattoo did you make and where. She says sorry, I can’t show it. He looks at her. She goes. He thinks where did she got tattoo. Lift guard says even I m thinking this. Sanju scolds him.

Its night, Kashmira asks Sanju does he find anything different in her and shows off tattoo. He says you got more slim. She shows the tattoo with his name Sanju. He imagines Sanjana revealing the tattoo to Sanju. He holds his heart. He asks Kashmira to come more close and says its very good madam. She asks did you call me madam. He says yes, I m giving you respect. She smiles and says really, you also get my name on your hand. He says no, I don’t like all this, I don’t like writing names and all. She asks will you change me.

He says no, I mean font change can’t happen. She argues. He goes to sleep and scolds her. Dadi comes and scares him. She asks him to do as Kashmira tells him.

Sanjana is sad and boss consoles her. Sanju comes there. He asks Sanjana why is she crying. Boss asks what is this stupid question. Sanjana says you won’t understand, its about love. He says I understand this well. She says I felt my dad did not love my mum, but he proved me wrong. Boss shows tattoo. Sanju asks did you love any man Shamsher. Boss says she was a lady Shamsher Kaur. Sanju says its strange, we were talking that making name tattoo is strange, and asks Sanjana to show her tattoo. Sanjana says its strange, I don’t like anyone writing wife’s name in tattoo, I m glad seeing my dad, you loved mumma so much, I feel real man is one who gets wife’s name tattoo on his hand, such loving and trustworthy man. Sanju agrees and thinks to make Kashmira’s name tattoo now.

Boss shows Sheela’s name tattoo and says Sanjana knows this now and hates tattoos. Sanju gets tattoo done. Boss meets mummy at hospital. Sanjana and Kashmira meet.

Update Credit to: Amena

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