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May I Come in Madam 26th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Khiloni and Sanju talking. Kashmira gets food for Sanju and asks Khiloni to go home. Khiloni leaves. Kashmira gives food to Sanju and asks him to come home, I made your fav food. Sanju argues about mummy and Bhupesh troubling him. She apologizes. He asks her to get mummy and Bhupesh out to apology, I will not have food. She says fine, I will not have food and have wine, make peg for me. He says come, we will go inside. Bhupesh comes and teases Sanju. Kashmira says Sanju is coming inside home. Bhupesh jokes on Sanju. Sanju gets angry again. Kashmira sends Bhupesh and asks Sanju not to feel bad. Sanju refuses to have food and come home, asking her to leave. Kashmira cries and leaves. Sanju finishes the food. A man passes by and drinks his wine. Sanju looks on.


is sleeping. She turns and gets shocked seeing Papa and Bua sleeping along her. She screams. Bua and Papa ask what happened. Sanjana says I was not expecting Bua here. Bua says I was feeling scared and came here to sleep. Boss/Papa asks how did you get scared. Bua says everyone adjust now, its small family and small bed, we three can adjust and sleep, is anyone else coming, sleep. Boss says our sleep is gone, we will sleep in some time. Sanjana asks Papa to switch off lights.

Its morning, Khiloni asks sweeper to clean well. He sees Sanju sleeping inside tent and greets him. Sanju does not get up. Khiloni gives news of Sanjana’s marriage fix. Sanju gets up and says tell me this is lie. Khiloni says its lie, I said this to wake you up. Sanju scolds him. Kashmira comes and gives tea to Sanju. Sanju refuses saying is this bed to have bed tea, I slept on road and will have roadside tea. He buys tea from tea vendor lady and pays money.

Sanju likes the tea. Kashmira gets angry and goes. Sanju says its bad tea and spits. Khiloni says this is bad. The lady says its ginger tea, and calls them monkeys. She says she will make special tea. Sanju drinks the tea made by Kashmir and says this is called tea. Kashmira sees this and smiles. She goes.

Sanju comes office and meets Sanjana. He sees her sleeping and sees the sleeping pills. He says what did she do, does anyone commit suicide for small things, what things do you have less, you have money, beauty and me, I will take her to hospital, I won’t let anything happen to you. He pushes chair and she wakes up, asking what are you doing. He says you had sleeping pills. She says no, put me back. He says sorry. She asks what did you think, you felt you can take advantage of me, naughty boy. He smiles and says no madam, not advantage, I was saving your life, I thought you had sleeping pills, I was scared and taking you to hospital. She says I was tired and I was sleeping, that pills are of my dad, he asked me to buy pill bottle, did you think I m so weak. He says I had no intention, I was saving you. She asks him to save her from Bua, it was horrible to sleep with Bua and Papa in same bed, how was your night. He says wonderful, my night was like heaven, I slept in tent, it was cool breeze, it was just me and my privacy, camping is fun, I enjoyed my privacy a lot. She says this is office, talk about work, move it now. He says sorry and goes. She sleeps. He comes back and sees her. She gets up and asks do we have unfinished business, why did you come. He says no and leaves. She asks are you a naughty boy and laughs.

Its night, Sanju kills mosquitoes. Kashmira comes and asks him to come home and have food. He refuses. She says this happens in joint family. He asks can’t they understand, did you ask me how I manage in tent. She asks him. He says I kill mosquitoes, then dogs bark. She says I will scold mummy and Bhupesh, they will apologize to you.

Kashmira asks Sanju to think of her anger. He says you become Dadi. Sanjana comes there and greets them. She says I made program and came to stay here, I m irritated because of Bua, if I can use some space in your tent, would you mind. He asks what do you mean, you can use the tent, total space and everything inside it. Kashmira says yes, Sanju is going home. Sanju refuses and says first get mummy and Bhupesh here and make them apologize. Kashmira says they won’t come, you stay here. Sanjana can share bedroom with me, Sanju was saying mosquitoes and dogs trouble him. Sanjana asks is that so. Sanju says there is good things too, its fresh air, there is no one to disturb, open sky and stars. Sanjana says yes, priceless feeling, it will be fun, Kashmira sorry I can’t sleep in your bedroom, I will have the food you made. Kashmira says sure, tell me if you need anything else. Sanjana says I want brown rice, not this roti. Kashmira says I will get it in 2mins. She gets angry on Sanju.

Sanjana and Sanju sit near bonfire and hear old songs. Sanju drinks and smiles. Kashmira sees them and gets jealous.

Update Credit to: Amena

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