May I Come in Madam 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with boss telling Sanjana that Sanju is making excuses, so he did not come. Sanjana says no, he is really unwell. Boss says he will not come to office. Sanju comes there and greets them. She asks how are you. Sanju says I m fine and scolds peon. Peon wears goggles and turns to boss. He says I think you cheated us. Sanju says no, I met doctor, he said I can donate kidney, doctor says he will take your bad kidney out first and then fix my kidney. Boss says no, I decided I will manage with my own kidneys, you keep your kidneys, you are young. Sanju says no, you have to get my kidney, come with me. He drags boss. Sanjana says leave him, what is this. She says Papa is fine, we were just testing you, you passed, I m very proud of you. Sanju says I want to tell one thing, remember

this, I can give any organ for this company. She says okay, I will keep that in mind.

Boss’ eye reports come. Sanjana checks and says oh my God, Papa your eyes are getting bad, you need an immediate transplant. They look at Sanju and smile. Sanju gets shocked.

Later, Sanjana goes to Sanju’s desk and says you are having lunch, He asks you here, you should I called me. She says I was thinking to have lunch with you. He says I would have come to your cabin. She says no, this is perfect, this is small and cozy, we can share food, what did you get today. He says my food is oily and spicy, this won’t suit you. She asks if you eat unhealthy food, how will you maintain your body for me, how will you do your duties. He says I manage, what did you get. She says dad food burnt, so I did not get food. He says I will order food by hotel. She says no, I will eat your unhealthy food today. He asks are you sure. She says yes, let it be a cheat day for me today. She eats the food and says this pickle made me emotional, I think I m going to cry. He says no, don’t cry. She says its so yummy, my mumma used to make such pickles, promise me you will get same pickle for me tomorrow. He says sure.

She says I like to eat sour things. He asks sour things. She says yes, its all because of your deeds. He asks what. He imagines. She says just get full Barni of pickle. He says fine, I will get it. she says I like simplicity, I like to have food by simple person. He thinks she feels I m simple and gets glad.

Sanju goes home at night and pulls Kashmira’s cheeks. Bhupesh asks can’t you see I m sitting here, don’t you have any shame. Sanju says you make me ashamed infront of everyone. Kashmira asks them not to fight, else she won’t give them food. Sanju praises the pickle and Kashmira. She smiles. Bhupesh says Sanju said right, I also want this pickle for my friends. Sanju says I have to give pickle to madam. Kashmira says I made this by hardwork, just eat this at home, its not for office people. Sanju says charity begins at office. She says I will not leave anyone if pickle is given to others. Sanju says whats the big deal, its simple to make it. She asks him to buy then.

Sanjana calls Sanju late at night and says I was thinking about you, will you perform well in meeting or not. He says I will manage. She asks him to get pickles. He says pickles ended at home. She says then think our relation ended. He says I mean I have kept pickles for you in another Barni. She says that’s fine. He ends call. Sanju checks Kashmira if she is sleeping and acts to sleep. He goes to steal pickles. Mummy sleepwalks. Sanju gets tensed and gives her Barni. He hears her snores and applies pickles to her saree. He pushes her away and takes pickles to Sanjana’s house.

Sanjana says its 4am… He says good morning, I thought to give pickles to you for your breakfast. She thanks him. He asks how did you open the door when I did not ring door bell. She says I was waiting for you near the door. He asks how did you know I was coming. She says you had to come any day. He says you mean you wait for me standing near door every day. She says I was walking on terrace and saw you coming. He says oh, it means you saw the dogs too. She says yes, did they bite you. He says no. She asks will you have tea. He says yes, but don’t make it. She asks him to have it at tea stall. He says I will make tea for us. Boss comes and asks Sanjana to go and sleep. He asks Sanju why did he come here early morning.

Sanju says I believe in my work. Boss says no one goes to other’s home at 4am. Sanju says I got pickles for madam, she likes it. Boss says I like your efforts, I would have liked if your mum in law got pickles for me, I m not joking, come, lets go for the jog, run….

Sanju comes home and sees Dadi beating Bhupesh. He tries to run and Dadi stops him. She asks where did you go in morning. He says for jogging. She asks what did you take and run, where are the pickles, I will not leave the one who has stolen the pickles. She beats Bhupesh. Bhupesh says I did not steal it, ask Sanju. Mummy comes and asks what happened Kashmira. Dadi holds her. Sanju asks mummy did she eat all pickles alone, you should have changed saree, why are you roaming with proof, Dadi see her saree. Mummy blames Sanju. Sanju tells Dadi to see mummy is pickle thief. Dadi asks him to be quiet.

Dadi says mummy does not eat pickles, she can’t steal it. Sanju says but there is pickle marks on her saree. Bhupesh asks Sanju not to blame mummy. Sanju says but mummy sleepwalks at night, maybe she forgot keeping pickle box somewhere. Kashmira scolds them and asks them to get pickles, else she will beat them. Sanju says fine, we will find it and runs.

Sanju goes to Sanjana’s house and rings bell. Boss goes out to see. Sanju goes inside Sanjana’s house and sees pickle Barni. Sanju hides.

Update Credit to: Amena

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