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May I Come in Madam 26th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana reading shayari. Sanju comes and greets her. He asks which book are you reading. She says you would have read about Albela Ashiq, the poet, I want to see him, I m trying to find him, but I could not. He thinks I did not know she wants to meet him, she will shower love on him. He imagines Sanjana filling sindoor in his maang. She asks what happened. He says lizard, I was shooing it away.

Liftman comes and says Chedi went out and gave me work to give you coffee. She thanks him. Sanju says you are finding Albela Ashiq, I m the one. She says not again. He says no, I m that poet, I did not wish to come in people’s sight, and started writing by that name. She says fine, then say some poetry. He tells some shayari. She says not bad, but I don’t trust you,

you did this before also. He says I m saying true. She says I want solid proof for that, if you prove, then an amazing prize is waiting for you. He rushes.

Kashmira does shayari at home. Bhupesh does not understand. Sanju comes home and asks whats happening. Bhupesh says Kashmira is doing shayari. Sanju asks since when? He jokes on mummy. He asks Kashmira to say some shayari. Kashmira smiles and does shayari. Sanju thinks her shayari diary can be useful for me. She asks how did you like it. He says its not so good, there is something wrong, say one more. She tells next one.

Mummy and Bhupesh laugh on her shayari. Sanju says its not good. Bhupesh jokes on Kashmira. Kashmira slaps him. Sanju says good shayari comes when person practices, Kashmira keep writing. He thinks Kashmira’s diary will prove to madam that I m Albela Ashiq. He goes. Bhupesh jokes and mummy slaps him.

Sanju meets Khiloni. He tells about Sanjana in love with Albela Ashiq. Khiloni says you would have said its you. Sanju says yes. Khiloni asks what to do now. Sanju says Kashmira writes shayari like Albela Ashiq, steal diary and give me, I will show madam its my diary. Khiloni says you always make me do bad work, did you help me till now. Sanju asks what help you want. Khiloni says tell madam I m Albela Ashiq. Sanju scolds him and asks him to come home after an hour and steal diary. Khiloni agrees.

Sanjana calls Sanju. She says you did not prove you are Albela. Sanju says I will prove it tomorrow by showing my diary. She says good, I want you to meet me in garden. He agrees. Sanju tells Khiloni that madam will confess love tomorrow, don’t miss the diary. Khiloni says fine, my mind is not working, there is no quarter. Sanju asks do you get attitude without wine. Khiloni asks him to understand the time. Sanju takes him.

Sanju sleeps and checks if Kashmira is sleeping. He thinks its right time, where is Khiloni. Khiloni comes there to steal diary. Sanju asks him to steal diary, its under pillow. Khiloni checks for diary. Khiloni keeps Kashmira’s hand away. Sanju pinches him. Dadi comes and slaps Khiloni. Khiloni tries to run away. Dadi asks what were you doing here. Sanju takes the diary. Khiloni says I was missing Sanju and came to meet. Sanju acts to wake up. He says you here Khiloni. Dadi says he came to meet you at this time. Sanju says its fine, I will send him, you sleep Dadi, you need rest. Dadi sleeps.

Sanju signs Khiloni to come. He gives diary to Khiloni and asks him to leave. Sanju sees Dadi still in Kashmira and goes to sleep. Its morning, Sanju waits for Khiloni at the garden. Khiloni comes and hugs him. He gives the diary. Sanju asks him to get lost. Khiloni asks why, I can see you and madam. Sanju says madam has come, run fast. Khiloni goes and hides. Sanjana greets Sanju. He says I m Albela Ashiq. She asks really, show me proof. He shows her the diary. She checks and asks him to come inside the trees, I have a surprise for you. Sanju gets glad.

Khiloni says what a lucky boy Sanju. Sanjana beats Sanju and goes. Khiloni asks what was happening there. Sanju says nothing like that happened, Sanjana has beaten me a lot. Khiloni asks why. Sanju says I did not understand, madam attacked on me.

Chedi tells Sanju that Sanjana fired him from job. Sanju asks what nonsense. Sanju comes on news, that he is Albela Ashiq, who cheated many girls. Sanjana tells reporter that Sanju cheated my friend. Kashmira, Sanju and everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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