May I Come in Madam 26th August 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana doing stretching and telling Sanju about power yoga. He says that Shilpa Shetty does, I mean Shri Chaturdas. She says yes, I decided to take yoga classes. She says I will get inspiration. She says its boring to workout alone, couple yoga is good. He asks with whom. She says I don’t have a partner. He says I m ready to become your partner if you want. She laughs and asks will you become my partner. He says I mean I also need yoga, I was also fit before. She says you know couple yoga will make you touch and hold me. He says if its necessary. She laughs and says you are so scared, I m glad to do couple yoga with you, I will be comfortable. He thinks I will also have benefit of this.

He imagines doing couple yoga with Sanjana. She asks what happened. He

says I was thinking of yoga asan. She says I hired certified yoga instruction, just be ready.He says I m ready, I mean I will get ready. He goes.

Next morning, Sanju gets ready and says I will be doing yoga with madam today. He hides gym shorts and Kashmira catches him. She asks why did you take this. He jokes and then lies to her to convince. She asks him to come on jogging with her. He says I have office, I won’t do this, get breakfast. She goes. He says if she knew I m going to do yoga with madam, Dadi woild have come.

Sanju waits for Sanjana at office. Sanjana comes and says you are ready. He says I was ready for this. yoga instructor comes. Sanju asks do you do power yoga, where is power, its just yoga. Sanjana says he is famous instructor, pay attention. Sanju asks Sanjana to think again, I don’t think he has power. instructor asks them to do stretching. Sanju asks him to show power yoga. instructor shows the pose. Sanju says this was easy, tell about couple yoga. He tells Sanjana that this is wring, couple yoga involves both partner. instructor says first you learn, then teach her. Sanjana says yes, learn. instructor says I will teach madam, you do here. Bhupesh comes and sees Sanju doing yoga. He says today I will make your film and show to Kashmira, Dadi will come and not leave you.

instructor says my back got ache, we will do other yoga later. Sanjana asks Sanju to continue. Sanju says this instructor is so fat, what will he teach, I m glad seeing madam in yoga clothes.

Sanju goes home. Kashmira sees the video and gets angry. Sanju asks what happened, why is silence here. Bhupesh says you are gone. Mummy asks Sanju to get ready, Dadi will come. Sanju asks why. Kashmira says Bhupesh has sent funny video. Sanju asks her to laugh and forward video to him. Kashmira shows video and asks is this your presentation, tell me, you were doing this with Sanjana in office, chee. Sanju says I told you about presentation. Kashmira asks Sanju to say truth.

Sanju lies and makes some story. Kashmira scolds him. Sanju says I have to do what boss says, else how will I manage mummy and Bhupesh’s expenses, I will do exercise with you. mummy says I will do power yoga. Bhupesh jokes. Mummy slaps Bhupesh and Sanju.

Sanju asks instructor to focus on him. instructor asks Sanju to practice well. Sanju thinks whats happening, trainer is enjoying with madam and I have become crow.

Update Credit to: Amena

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