May I Come in Madam 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana asking Lalwani about anti glue, his scientists would be knowing. Lalwani says its my shoe maker’s idea. Sanjana looks at Sanju. Sanju asks till when will this stay. Lalwani says try to pull hands and see, this is called fate. Lalwani cracks jokes. Sanjana says Sanju’s Dadi was threatening Sanju. Sanju asks Sanjana not to tell about Dadi’s spirit. Sanju’s phone rings. He tries to pick it and Sanjana falls. She scolds him. He says sorry, I will take you to doctor. Lalwani says I will help, I have car. Sanjana says no need. Sanju asks Sanjana will go spa. Lalwani says I will drop you, come.

Lalwani drops them to spa. Sanjana gets back massage done. Sanju turns away. Sanjana asks what are you seeing. He says ceiling. She asks why, is ceiling beautiful

than me. He says no. She asks why are you not seeing me. He says manners, decency. She asks what will it take for you to become indecent. He says I can’t be indecent. She says shut up and turn around. Sanju smiles and turns. Power goes. Sanju gets angry.

She asks are you staring at me, I know, how do I look. He says light went, I m sure you would be looking fairy. She says I m not scared of you, thanks, you are so harmless. He says I m armless also. She laughs and says so funny. He wishes light comes once.

Later at night, Sanju drinks wine with Khilono. Sanjana sits with Sanju. She does shayari with Khiloni. She falls asleep on Sanju’s shoulder. Khiloni asks am I dreaming. Sanju slaps him and says its reality, not a dream. Khiloni argues. He asks did madam apply glue to just one hand and checks. Sanju slaps him and says how dare you. Khiloni says I was feeling how you feel, its great. Sanju slaps him. He says if I go like this, Dadi will cut my hand.

Khiloni says no, I m smarter than you, enjoy with madam, thank Lord for this. Sanju says yes, I could not enjoy because of Dadi. Khiloni says don’t be scared of Dadi. Sanju sees Sanjana and says I feel good. Kashmira waits for Sanju at home. Mummy asks why are you increasing BP. Kashmira asks mummy to go and sleep. She says I m angry. Mummy says don’t worry. Sanju will free hand and come as Dadi threatened him, I heard it.

Chedi comes and greets them. He asks about Sanju and Sanjana’s hands. He says I will try and check if hands really get glued. He applies glue to his hand. Sanju and Sanjana come home holding hands. Sanjana is drunk and does shayari. Kashmira turns to Dadi and says I told you to free hand, now see you won’t have hand. Sanju shouts no and frees hand from Sanjana. The power goes. Sanju says power went, leave me. Power comes and they all see Chedi’s hand with Dadi. Chedi tries to run away. Dadi asks whats this. Chedi says I applied glue and held your hand by mistake. Mummy makes sad face.

Its morning, Sanju goes to Sanjana and greets her. He asks are you crying, why, we can fight with the whole world. She says I m missing someone, my life is meaningless without him. He asks who is that lucky man. She says its him and shows childhood pic of her friend. He says I understood, someone was close to you, I m drowning in memories. He asks her to forget. She says I wish my friend comes infront of me, I will hug him and pray he never leaves me, I will go home, see if my client comes, can’t I be sad for a while. She goes. He sees the pic and says this is madam’s childhood love.

He goes to his cabin and sees Chedi. He asks what are you doing. Chedi says I m finding my lucky pen, I have to write love letter for Ramwati. Sanju asks him to get lost of his workstation. Sanju scolds him. Chedi wears goggles and turns to boss. Boss checks Sanju and gets the pic. He asks whose pic is this. Sanju thinks Chedi will tell madam that I took pic and lies that its my childhood’s pic. He gets a call and leaves for work.

Kashmira argues with Sanju and asks him to get salary increased. Sanju says I will ask boss to name company to me. Sanjana and Chedi come. Chedi says you are company owner from today. Sanju gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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