May I Come in Madam 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 25th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhupesh telling everyone the good news. He says no one needs to give kidney now, mummy is fine, I got wrong report of some aunty. Sanju asks why did you get wrong report. Bhupesh says nurse was beautiful and I took wrong report, but today I missed her and I went to meet her, nurse gave me mummy’s report and slapped me. Mummy and Kashmira also slap him. Kashmira hugs mummy and says I m glad your report is fine. Sanju says I regret I could not give kidney to mummy. Mummy and Sanju argue like always. Kashmira slaps Bhupesh again.

Sanju meets Khiloni and drinks happily. He says I have to cheer, one kidney got saved, I can be alive and meet you. Khiloni asks how can you lose so soon. Sanju says it needs courage to do this, I saved my kidney by my cleverness. Khiloni

says Bhupesh saved it, I also solve your problems. Sanju asks yesterday you did not give solution. He scolds Khiloni. Khiloni says half problem is still there, who will save second kidney. Sanju says its going, madam is not ready to listen. Khiloni says I have a solution, listen. Sanju asks him to say. Khiloni says people get lakhs of rs for kidney. Sanju says you mean I take lakhs of rs for my kidney and then buy other kidney by that lakhs of rs. Khiloni asks him to ask 50 lakhs from boss, and boss will refuse for his kidney. Sanju says if your idea works, I will get scotch for you, else I will kill you.

Its morning, Sanju goes to office and meets peon. He asks for boss. Peon says boss is on leave today. Sanju scolds peon to make him boss. Peon wears goggles and turns into boss. Sanju says sorry Sir. Boss says its okay, why do you look worried, are you not giving kidney, did you change decision. Sanju says no, I m thinking how can I do this.

Boss asks did you steal lift bulb. Sanju says no, its something else. Boss asks whats the matter, you will do some big problem. Sanju says I went for my blood test. Boss says there you knew you have wine instead blood. Sanju says no, a rich man met me and gave me 50 lakhs cheque for my kidney. Boss asks did you give him kidney. Sanju says no, else I would have not been here. Boss asks why did you not give your kidney. Sanju says I thought to give him kidney, I m thinking how did I fall so low. Boss says since your birth. Sanju says I left 50 lakhs, can’t you see my sacrifice, I will give my kidney, I have to think about my family. Boss says it means your family runs on your kidneys. Sanju says you can say that, I know you won’t give me 50 lakhs.

Boss says you know me well. Sanju says your company would be worth one crore, if you give me half company, it will be useful for my children. Boss says where are you children. Sanju says you give me company, I will get children. Boss says you are eyeing my company. Sanju says I will not give my kidney. Boss says you are greedy man, get lost. Sanju goes. Boss says I told Sanjana that this man is an ox. He goes to Sanjana and asks whats your age. She asks don’t you know. He says I know rough estimate, I wanted to see your experience, you said right, Sajan is a good man. She says yes. He says you don’t know devils, you thought Sanju is innocent, but he is very clever. She asks what do you want to prove, come to point. He says Sanju asked for half my company. She says no, I can’t believe this, I know Sanju, he can’t say this. He says Sanju told me. She asks are you sure, fine I will fire him, after this last small test, get coffee please. He goes.

Sanjana goes to meet Kashmira and greets her and mummy. She asks for Sanju. Kashmira calls Sanju. Sanju greets Sanjana. Sanjana tells Kashmira that Sanju has become businessman now. Sanju says I don’t understand, what are you saying. Sanjana says Sanju is doing kidney business. Kashmira says we did not have any kidney at home and you went to sell outside. Sanju says I m not selling kidneys. Sanjana says you are selling, you asked for a price from my dad, that too my company’s half price, you asked for less price, I would have given all my property, its about my dad’s life. Mummy gets worried and asks what happened to your dad.

Sanjana says his both kidneys failed. Mummy shouts no and was breaking her bangles. Sanjana says no, its okay, I m buying Sanju’s one kidney, these are company’s papers and blank cheque, you can fill any amount, but I will get your kidney. Sanju thinks peon told everything to madam, I will fall in her eyes, I have to make some story. He says yes, I asked your dad about money, not for greed, I wanted to know will he value my kidney or not, I had no other greed, I will give my kidney, I don’t need anything. He tears cheque and papers, and says kidney is free of cost for boss. Sanjana smiles.

Kashmira thinks how many kidneys Sanju has, he was giving mummy first and now to Sanjana’s Papa, did he go mad. She gets annoyed with him and argues. He says I did not do acting about my kidney problem, I can give kidney if mummy wants, I promised to give one kidney to boss too, I will be without kidney. She asks how will you live then.

She says any office employee can give him kidney. He says he is madam’s Papa, he is my boss, my blood group matches with him, now mummy does not need kidney. She says I have right on your kidneys, you can’t give to anyone without asking me. She goes. He says whats this, if I give kidney without asking her, will she open my stomach and check my kidneys.

Its morning, Sanju goes in the lift. Guard asks without madam…. Sanju asks him to mind his business and argues. Guard says peon was drinking with me. Sanju says his kidneys are damaged. Guard says its all an lie. Sanju gets shocked and asks what. Guard plays radio. Are re ye kya hua…..plays……….. Guard tells him about Sanjana and boss’ bet. Sanju recalls how they fooled him. He thinks so it was their plan, I will see them now.

Sanju and Sanjana have a talk. She asks him how can he get such oily unhealthy food, how will he maintain his body for her….

Update Credit to: Amena

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