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The Episode starts with Sanjana saying she understood the ghazal well. She says I remember the last line well, and tells him. He calls her intelligent. She says you are also intelligent, you assume this, we have to lose a lot to get intelligence, I have lost a time. He asks what did you lose. She says which you don’t have, time. He says I thought you lost money, which I don’t have. She says you even don’t have time. She goes. Sanju asks peon to get radio repaired or use it for some thing.

Bhupesh stares at Sanju in cabin and scolds him. Sanju asks what happened. Bhupesh says Kashmira will show you mirror, I will tell her that you were in lift with madam. Sanju gives him money. Bhupesh asks for more money for his body ache, as he has climbed 10 stairs. Sanju gives him much money

and then takes back, asking him to just have wine, he will be fine. Bhupesh gets angry.

Sanjana calls Sanju and Bhupesh tries to hear him. Sanjana asks Sanju what does he do in evening. He says I bear torture. She says it gets less if you share, you should know you will get some golden moments in your life. He asks really, will my dreams come true. She says come to my cabin, I will make all your dreams true. He gets glad and runs. Bhupesh asks Sanju whats the matter. Sanju asks him to sit quiet. He goes to Sanjana.

Music plays…. He says you bear so much torture, I pity you. He says its just your support. She asks what. He says I m mean I m helpless, handicapped. She says your legs look fine, you have bad habit to gain sympathy, be brave, I was thinking we will go out in evening today. Sanju imagines taking Sanjana on cycle ride. She calls out Mr. Sajan. He says yes. She says I said we will go somewhere, just you and me, where there are good mountains, ice and beautiful locales. He says I will book tickets. She says I forgot we don’t have such place in our city, we will go to restaurant and talk about project. He thinks Sanjana makes him dream and then breaks it, if I don’t take mummy, then Dadi will come. He shouts Dadi. She asks Dadi. He says I have to take mummy on dinner today, mummy is counting her last break. He lies that doctor messaged that mummy is critical. She says you are a good man, go to your mummy, get out.

Sanju is happy that Kashmira agreed for dinner at home, if I took them to hotel, they would have eaten lot and I would have got bill of 10000rs.

Kashmira is glad seeing arrangements. She asks him to feed mummy by his hands. He says I can’t take risk, she will bite my hand. She goes. He says my fate has this double role wife. Sanjana calls Sanju and apologizes to him for being rude, I m sorry your mum in law is so ill, did you ask her last wish. Sanju says yes, she fulfilled every wish. She says I was leaving from office, I m coming to meet your mum in law, I will reach in some time, bye. He gets worried.

He thinks what to do now, mummy is eating so much and madam is coming to see her. Sanju says the situation is very sad, so cancel your plan. She says I like sadness, we should enjoy it as we enjoy happiness. He says fine, I want to tell you one thing, she has transferrable illness. Sanjana says then even you would have that. Sanju says no, I wear a mask. She says fine, I will take anti allergies, don’t go anywhere, I m coming. He calls Khiloni and says I m in big problem. Khiloni asks did Kashmira catch you red handed with madam. Sanju asks him not to say this again, sometimes it happens true. Khiloni asks what happened. Sanju says I told madam that mummy is ill, and here madam is eating food, she is fine, you become my mum in law, do some makeup. Khiloni says no, I can’t come. Sanju blackmails him and asks him to come soon. Kashmira asks for more rotis. Khiloni says fine, I will come.

Bhupesh tells Kashmira that Sanju cooks so well, why don’t you make him cook on Sundays. Mummy says it was not so good, even you can cook such food. Sanju asks them did they have dinner well, I have arranged movie too, I love mummy a lot. Kashmira says so sweet. Mummy taunts him. Sanju says I booked a nice movie aakhri saas, its based on saas and damad. Kashmira asks him to come. He says I m tired, I have to go office too, you all go, I booked three. Kashmira says see mummy, Sanju loves you a lot. Mummy thanks him. Bhupesh praises Sanju. Sanju tells Kashmira to pick tickets from theatre, I booked on phone. They leave.

Sanju thinks Khiloni has come and welcomes him saying Jaaneman. He opens the door and sees Sanjana. He says sorry, I thought its my wife. She asks where is your wife. He says she went out to get medicines. She asks where is your saas. He says she is in bathroom. She asks is she taking bath. He says yes. She asks is she taking bath in this sensitive state. He says yes, she is hygienic. Her dad calls her and asks where did you go at this time. She says I came to Sajan’s house, her saas is taking last breath, so I came to share his sorrow. Her dad says Sajan will be very happy, he hates her saas, he called her chudail. She says yes, but even then he will be in sorrow. He asks her to come back home soon. She asks him to have dinner.

Sanju says you can go, your dad would be worried. She says I will meet your saas and go. He waits for Khiloni.

Khiloni dresses as mummy and hugs Sanjana. Sanju asks Khiloni to stop it. Sanjana asks aunty, you are so ill and even then you did makeup. Khiloni calls it a beautiful question.

Update Credit to: Amena

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