May I Come in Madam 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 25th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kashmira saying our plan is not working. Sanjana says I know, we have to reveal this plan and make Sanju realize that he fooled him, when he comes home, we will record him, and then we will show the recording, it will be proved that he was fooled. Sanju hears them and gets shocked. He says it means they all did this planning together. He comes to them and passes by. Kashmira says he did not do anything, what to record. Sanjana says let’s wait. Sanju comes wearing his clothes. Chedi says I think he will do something. Khiloni asks Sanju to give the underwear to him. Sanju says no, its a curse, I will burn this, I have troubled by innocent wife because of this, I troubled my Saas, Bhupesh, Chedi and Sanjana. He says I felt I can do anything wearing this invisible underwear,

this is very bad, I will burn this underwear and also myself. They all stop Sanju.

Kashmira says no, its all my mistake. Sanjana says hold on, this drama happened because of me. Chedi says everyone has seen your everything. Sanju asks what, was this a drama. Sanjana says yes, I did not know you will get so emotional, so I m sorry. Kashmira and everyone apologize. Bhupesh dances. Sanju slaps him.

Khiloni and Sanju have chinese food at the stall and see the rains. Sanju imagines Sanjana dancing in the rains. Khiloni argues. Sanju says I m lover and I m seeing madam, she was looking so good.

He tells his romantic dream. Khiloni asks what else. Sanju asks are you mad to ask more. Khiloni says I have an idea, you can spend the night with madam. Sanju says its really a good idea. Kashmira cries and tells her dream to Mummy. Mummy says if dreams came true, then there would have been Mujras happening at home every day. Sanju comes and asks what happened. Kashmira says you came in my dream and became someone else’s child’s father. She scolds him. He asks her not to sleep at any time, then she will get such dreams, who was child’s mum. She says I m angry, as child’s mum was your boss, Sanjana. He gets shy and goes. Mummy says he is more shy than me. Kashmira shouts Sanju, come here, why did you get shy and run. Sanju comes and says I did not get shy, are you mad, I ran away because of ants, clean the house.

Sanjana enjoys rain. Sanju comes and greets her. She says your hair are wet, I will towel dry. She dries his hair and asks do you like rains. He says yes. She says I saw a strange dream, we got trapped somewhere in monsoon, I was feeling cold but you saved me. He gets shy and runs. She asks him to come back. He says no, red ants were troubling me, ask Chedi to clean it. She says fine, why did you come here. He says I came to say, I bought a car and gave its token. She says congrats for your new car. He says its not new, its second hand, I have many expenses, so I got a second hand car. She says its imp that you bought it with hard earned money, you can buy new car, you are getting successful, be positive. He asks her to fulfill a dream, he wants to make her sit in his car, as he respects her a lot. She says fine, I will come on drive with you. He imagines. She shouts on him. He says I was deciding when will we go on drive, you like corn, I will get that for you, we will have snacks and wine too. She says fine, I will come to your house. He says no, I will pick you from your house. She asks him to come home. He goes.

Khiloni sits drinking. Sanju asks what’s this shade. Khiloni says safety, have a peg. Sanju asks did you get car. Khiloni gives the car keys. He asks his plan. Sanju says I have a solid plan to take madam on long drive. He tells his plan. He says even if I say anything and beg you to come, you don’t have to come, you just have to say you are on the way and you are coming. Khiloni says fine, if madam takes taxi and goes. Sanju says no, madam hates dirt. Khiloni asks how will she go with you then. Sanju slaps him. Khiloni warns that problem can come from anywhere. Sanju says no need to warn, I got habitual to problems, I will see what to say to Kashmira. They drink.

Sanju and Sanjana enjoy the rains. Dooba dooba rehta hoon…..plays……

Update Credit to: Amena

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