May I Come in Madam 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 25th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi beating Sanju. Bhupesh and mummy hide and look on. Sanju says Sanjana gave me idea to act mad. Dadi twists his legs. Sanju screams. Dadi goes.s Kashmira asks him was he really acting. He says yes. She asks him to act like this in court tomorrow.

Its morning, Sanju acts mad and calls boss a monkey. Boss says I will send you to jail. Boss tells judge that Sanju is wasting our time doing these things, he has teased my daughter. Sanju teases boss and kisses his hand. Sanjana smiles. Boss says Sanju teased me. Judge asks Sanju why is he teasing boss. Sanju says as you are sitting away. He jumps on her table. Kishora gets mental hospital doctor. Sanju slaps doctor and then acts to faint. Sanjana says I have put work pressure on Sanju, and maybe he has teased me

in madness. Mummy tells judge that Sanju is innocent. Boss takes the case back. Judge says fine, I will send my bill to your house.

Sanju asks where I m. Kashmira says you got fine, they got to know this happened because of madness. Liftman plays radio. Ye Andha kanoon hai…………..plays……….

Its morning, Sanju waits for Sanjana near the lift. Sanjana comes smiling. He greets her and says nice pendant. She thanks him and says good to know you are normal again, keep smiling, I was thinking to take company higher, I have bigger controversy, I m sure you will support me even this time. He says no and runs. She says I will take that as a yes.

Later, Sanjana and Sanaju are on the way. Her car stops. She asks him to come and see whats the problem. He says its jungle here. She asks are you scared. He says no. Kashmira calls Sanju and asks where is he. He says conference ended and we are on the way, madam is talking to someone by stopping car. Kashmira asks him to say love you. He says I came for you. She shouts. He says love you and ends call. Kashmira asks mummy to sleep and not hear her.

Sanjana asks Sanju why did he lie to Kashmira. He says she would worry. She says I have seen Kashmira doubts on you, you are scared of her. He says I have fun, wives should be insecure. It starts raining. Sanjana says wow, its raining. He says we will sit in car. She says no, there is a mountain, we will hide in cave. She goes and he runs after her. Kashmira says Sanju does not worry for me. Mummy asks her to have a child, then Sanju will worry for you. Kashmira turns shy and runs.

Sanju and Sanjana get inside the cave. She likes the place and says this is amazing situation, I have seen such situation in movies, this is happening with us. He says I m feeling cold. She asks is he joking. He says I want some fire here. She says there is jungle around, lets do something to help you.

Sanjana goes to change her clothes. Bheegi bheegi raaton mein………plays………. Sanjana gets drunk. Sanju faints by cold. She checks his temp. She calls for help, and a wild man comes. She screams. He asks her why is she screaming. She says I need help for my partner, he fainted by cold, I want fire for him, else he will die. He says I will give heat to him by my body. She says okay, that’s good, go. She goes. The man sleeps by Sanju’s side.

Its morning, Sanju goes to Sanjana’s cabin. She asks are you feeling good. He says I don’t remember anything what happened at night. She does shayari and fools him. Sanju asks what do you want to say. She says you fainted by cold, there was no doctor, just I had fire in me as I have drunk brandy, iu passed the heat to you. He gets shocked and asks what. She says I did mistake. He asks what mistake. She asks don’t you see movies, there is one mistake, first and last. He asks what. She says yes, forgive him. He starts shivering. She says come, I will do that mistake again with you. He runs. She says why do I have fun in teasing this man.

Sanju goes home and thinks why did this happen with me, why did I faint, how will I face Kashmira. Kashmira goes to Sanju and asks why is he upset. He says nothing. She says I know you well. He thinks how to tell Kashmira. She asks him to give him every sorrows. He thinks Kashmira did not show love before. His inner self scolds him for not loving Kashmira, when she loves him. Kashmira says I m proud of you, you have good character. Her inner self scolds him. Sanju shouts no. She asks what happened. He says I m sorry, I will give you much love. He hugs her.

Sanjana eats tamarind and tells Sanju that she wanted to eat tamarind. Sanju thinks it means Sanjana is pregnant. He gets worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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