May I Come in Madam 25th August 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 25th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju telling boss about the jhanki. He invites boss in jhanki. Boss imagines Kashmira’s mummy as Radha and himself as Krishna. Who kisna hai……….plays………Boss acts good to Bhupesh and takes him to have icecream. Later at night, everyone go to break matki. Sanju thinks how will I reach so high, I said yes to break matki. Everyone dance and make Sanju dance. Sanju gets worried. Mummy says he looks scared. Sanju holds his head and sees the matki. Kishore thinks of metal matki and asks Sanju about his preparation, is he afraid. Sanju says no, I broke many such matkis.

Sanjana and boss come and join them. Sanjana laughs seeing the matki. Kishore says this time, Sanju is chosen for breaking matki. He requests Sanju to go and show monkey talent, that’s

to break matki. The guys form human pyramid and fall down. Sanju gets worried. The guys form pyramid again. Sanju says I will climb as monkey once they get sad. Kishore pinches a guy and makes him fall.

Everyone wish Sanju all the best. Kashmira hugs Sanju. Govinda aala re………..plays…….. Sanju climbs on the pyramid and reaches the top. Sanju says I came on top and sees matki. Sanjana says he is good. Sanju says I have reached here and gives speech to thank Kishore for provoking and scaring him of height. He jokes on Kishore and says finally I have reached here, I will break this matki. Sanjana asks Sanju to break matki by his head. Sanju says yes, I had tension of height, I will break matki. Everyone clap. Sanju hits matki by head and gets hit. Sanjana asks are you okay. Sanju says that was trial, I was checking soil quality of pot, I will break again. He hits matki again to break it and gets hit. Khiloni asks why is steel sound coming. Sanju holds matki and hits head many times. Sanju falls down from the human pyramid. Kishore dances and makes a man play dhol. Everyone look at Sanju.

Khiloni asks Sanju to wake up and sprinkled wine on him. Sanju wakes up and asks where am I. Khiloni says I think his memory is gone, I will enjoy and fools him. Sanju scolds him and says I remember everything. Khiloni says Kishore has put metal matki there, that’s why this happened. Sanju asks where is Kashmira and madam. Khiloni says they went to become Rukmani and Radha. Sanju says but Krishna is sitting here, did committee make anyone else. He goes to see.

Sanju goes to see the jhanki. He cries and says Jhanki left, and sees Bhupesh as Krishna. Sanjana and Kashmira wave to Sanju. Sanju asks Khiloni to see madam and Kashmira, donkey Bhupesh is sitting between them. Khiloni says this is called life, matki does not break, and fate breaks, see there Bhupesh has become star. Sanju says I will not leave Kishore to put bronze matki.

Its morning, Sanju goes out of home and newspaper guy throws newspaper on him. Kashmira comes from walking and asks did you wake up, I was running. He asks from whom or after whom. She says I was jogging, my weight increased. He says yes. He says you should said I m already perfect. He says I was saying it, where is mummy, make her do jogging. She asks him to come on jogging, see your stomach. He says its slim. She says you look uncle, kids make fun of your stomach. He says I m fit. She says come for jogging with me, we can spend time. He says I m going to sleep, go for jogging. She says you can never work hard.

Sanjana tells Sanju that she wants to do couple yoga, its interesting and many people are losing weight. He asks with whom. She says I don’t have any partner. He says I will become your partner, and thinks it can be useful for him too.

Update Credit to: Amena

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