May I Come in Madam 25th April 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 25th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju whistling seeing Sanjana. He greets her. She asks how many times will you wish me. He says sorry. He thinks madam is not seeing me today….. They get inside the lift. She asks him to mind his work and not worry for her. He asks did I do any mistake. She goes. Sanju goes to her cabin. He gets upset seeing her behaving rude. Khiloni jaankar tum to…………..plays…………… He makes a crying face. She asks why are you troubling me.

He asks why are you not talking to me. She asks what shall I talk, I m worried. He says tell me your worry, I will make worries away, I have solution of all problem. She says my friend’s wife left him, he is depressed, do mujra infront of him, go and solve this problem. He says how can I. She says then don’t say this,

you are not Lord, I m worried for my friend, I can’t see my loved ones sad, my shoulders are always there to support them. Sanju imagines resting on her shoulder. He thinks if I get sad, madam’s shoulders will be for me too. She says I m worried, just go. He says fine, but I want to salute your shoulders. She asks him to get lost.

Sanju meets Khiloni at night and says what Sanjana said. Khiloni starts crying and says I m also very sad, take me to your madam. Sanju says you are so rich, you got good wife, why are you sad.. Sanju scolds him. Kashmira comes and them to stop drinking. She asks Sanju to come home in 10 mins, else he won’t get food. Sanju says now Kashmira will fight with me, I will be sad. Komal comes there and drinks wine.

Its morning, Sanju calls Khiloni and asks him to make her talk to Komal. Sanju asks Komal to start fighting with him. He sees Sanjana and puts on speaker. He acts like talking to Kashmira and cries. He says I do all work, I wash kitchen utensils, your clothes, cook food, what else shall I do. Komal scolds him and asks him to die. She scolds him a lot. Sanjana hears the conversation. Sanju asks don’t you love me Kashmira. Komal says I don’t love you, end the call you dog. Sanju cries and says no one loves me, I m so alone. He asks Sanjana when did you come. She says just some time before. Sanju asks lift guard to stop playing radio. Sanjana asks him to calm down. Sanju says sorry, I m little upset.

Sanju talks to his friends and is happy. He sees Sanjana and starts acting to be sad. He tells Sanjana that he is very sorrowful, where shall I go. She says don’t worry, weep on my shoulders. He gets glad. She asks him to cry it out. Bhupesh comes there and asks Sanju why are you crying. Sanju beats Bhupesh and kicks him out. His fantasy ends. Sanjana asks Bhupesh to go, Sanju is sad. Bhupesh says why, he was happy in morning. He goes. Boss comes and asks Sanju why is he sad. Sanjana says he is sad and wants to weep on my shoulders. Boss asks why. Sanju says madam gave offers. Boss says he can weep on my shoulders. Sanjana says that’s a good option. Sanju starts beating boss. His fantasy ends. Sanjana goes. Boss makes Sanju weep on his shoulders and asks are you fine now. He goes. Sanju gets sad.

Sanju comes home at night and gets shocked seeing Dadi. Dadi says Kashmira told me you stay away from her. Sanju says you are always on Kashmira’s head, I get shame. Dadi says when you both love, why will I come in between. He says fine, I will love Kashmira a lot. He says its late now, you sleep. Kashmira sleeps. He checks her eyes and says Dadi is gone. Kashmira says you came. He says yes, I was talking to Dadi, why did you complain Dadi about me, that I stay away from you. She says yes, you stay away. He hugs her. She laughs.

Sanjana calls Sanju and asks him not to take tension, I m with you. Sanju says I would have died without you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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