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May I Come in Madam 24th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju coming home. Everyone talk to him sweetly. Sanju says I got very glad seeing you all so good and loving me, I feel like this is my family. Bhupesh says I will respect you and talk well. Sanju says enough, I also respect you, stop it now, else I will cry, you are giving kidney to mummy and you are so happy. Kashmira says Bhupesh can’t give kidney to mummy, his kidneys are not fine. Sanju asks who will give kidney to mummy. Kashmira says you. He asks what, my blood group does not match. She says mummy’s blood group is AB+, she can take your kidney, its time you do something for this family. Sanju gets shocked and thinks madam is asking kidney, wife is asking kidney, whom I give kidney, I wanted to give heart and here I have to give kidneys.

Next day, Sanju

goes to office and says I have two kidneys, I can give just one kidney, what shall I do. Boss comes and Sanju asks why did you overdrink that your kidneys failed. Boss says its not about drinking, your kidney has my name written on it. Ssanju says my kidneys are also in bad condition, because I also drink. Boss says don’t joke, I will feel young with your kidney, I really need it. Sanjana comes there.

Boss says Sanju is giving his kidney. Sanjana says no, he proved he is brave. Sanju wishes Sanjana got his kidney, not her dad. She goes. Boss jokes and goes.

Sanju meets Khiloni at night and tells him the problem. He says I can’t give both kidneys, tell me what to do. Khiloni says give kidney to madam, she can give her heart. Sanju asks what about my wife, Dadi will beat me. Khiloni asks him to give kidney to mummy. Sanju says then madam will kick me out of office. Khiloni and Sanju argue. Sanju says you can help me, give one kidney. Khiloni asks why will give kidney, you are not my friend. Kashmira comes and scolds Khiloni.

She asks him not to make Sanju drink wine, he is giving kidney to mummy, you are spoiling his kidney, get lost. Khiloni runs. Kashmira asks Sanju to throw wine and come to have juice. Mummy tells Sanju about his kidney by singing. Kashmira shows healthy food for Sanju and says doctor told me to make this for kidney health. Sanju asks her to stop it. Mummy says I did not know its my name written on your kidneys. He says just one kidney. She says you are donating it, who does this in today’s time.

Bhupesh comes and asks him to watch a movie. Sanju is upset. He thinks they have got after my kidneys like ghosts. He gets an idea. Its morning, some men steal Sanju’s kidney in the office and run away. Sanju screams and his imagination ends. Sanjana comes and asks what happened. He says I m getting cough. Boss asks what happened, is your kidney fine. Sanju asks him to take kidney right away. Sanjana says calm down, come with me. Sanju takes medicines. She says you are unwell and even then giving kidney to dad. He says I m tensed. She asks why, doctor will make you unconscious and take kidney. He says I m ill, and your dad can fall in problem with ill man’s kidney.

She says you look so lively. He thinks some shayari lines and coughs. She says I will call doctor, he will give injection to you and make you fine. He says no need, I m feeling better. She asks sure, its my duty to take care of you. He sings a sad song and coughs.

His imagination ends. Sanjana asks Sanju to go home and take rest, he has to give kidney tomorrow. He goes home. Mummy waits for Sanju. Kashmira gets glad seeing mummy praising Sanju. Sanju comes home and faints. Kashmira asks what happened, what are these papers. Mummy asks is your kidney fine, and goes to get water. Sanju says I feel weak, check my reports. Kashmira says you have kidney stones. Mummy shouts what and drops water glass. Kashmira takes Sanju to room and makes him rest. She asks how are you feeling. He says as if I lost both my kidneys. She says I decided I will give kidney to mummy. He says no, I will give, whats the need to give her kidney, she has few days left. She says she is my mother, we get parents once in life. They argue that they will give kidney to mummy. Mummy comes and asks them not to argue, both of you give me one kidney each, I will take it. They look at mummy.

Sanjana tells Sanju that she was just taking his test. Sanju says I can give any organ for this company. Boss’ medical report comes. Sanjana says you need immediate eye transplant. Boss stares at Sanju. Sanju gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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