May I Come in Madam 24th March 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 24th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju giving the bhaang laddoos to Sanjana. She makes him eat laddoo first. He says why did you make me have this. She eats laddoos and says I want to play holi with you. He says even I want to have colors, take these colors and apply it to my body, make me red. She says I will make you naturally red. He asks how will you manage this. She tells about lath holi. He gets shocked. She says I will play lath holi with you, I love it. She laughs and shows a stick. She asks him to sit there and beats him. He says its enough for this year, we will play next year. She says no, I want to play more this year itself. He runs.

Kashmira calls Sanju and wonders why is he not taking call. Bhupesh talks to her and says there is no office. She asks him to get Sanju back. He says

I won’t let him play holi. Mummy comes and says kids have thrown water on me, now Dadi will not leave me. Kashmira says don’t cry, you did not do this intentionally, Dadi won’t do anything.

Sanju gets more beaten up. Peon colors lift guard and laughs wishing happy holi. He runs. Lift guard seeing Sanjana beating Sanju. He plays balam pichkari song…. Sanjana dances. Sanju smiles seeing her. He says I did not play such colorful holi in my life, this pain has some fun, it looks so good.

He runs to his cabin and hides. She laughs and says hide and seek, where are you. She catches him and beats him more. He runs. Bhupesh comes to office and says I will see what is Sanju doing in office on holi day. Sanjana and Sanju run to conference room. She beats him and says you wanted to get red, I think you will love black colors also. She beats him more. He runs. Sanjana beats Bhupesh and asks him to move. Bhupesh says who has beaten me, why am I seeing stars. Sanjana throws the stick on Sanju’s head. He holds his head and falls down. She laughs and says happy holi Mr Sajan. Bhupesh holds his head and goes home.

Sanju comes home and says I would have never played holi with madam if I knew she will play lath holi. He comes home and sees Kashmira angry. Mummy and Bhupesh look on angrily. Sanju thinks they got to know I went to play holi. They all wearing white clothes play holi with Sanju. He gets surprised. Kashmira says Dadi came and says everyone will play holi. They dance happily. Sanju is much hurt.

Kamini welcomes everyone in the tv show and says our topic today is saas and damaad. Kashmira calls mummy there. Mummy asks why did you call me. Kashmira asks her to see tv program. Mummy says I know my son in law is very mean. Kashmira asks her to see. Kamini says some son in law say bad to mum in law but have respect in heart. Kashmira says see mummy, you always blame Sanju, he is very nice, he respects you. Mummy says fine, tell him to take me for dinner. Bhupesh says he won’t even take you on food stall. Kashmira slaps and scolds him. Mummy says her confusion will get cleared soon.

Sanju hugs Kashmira. She says I told mummy you will take her on dinner, you respect her. He asks why did you lie, if I come late then.. she says then Dadi will come, if anything happens to my respect, then Dadi comes. He says I will take mummy.

Sanju and Bhupesh go to office and wait for lift. Bhupesh compliments Sanju for his shirt and asks about his shirt. Sanju says its cheap. Sanjana comes there. Music plays…. Sanjana greets Sanju and asks how is he. Sanju talks to her, and Bhupesh laughs.

Sanju tells Sanjana that Bhupesh has some allergy. Sanjana asks Bhupesh to come by stairs. They go by lift. Bhupesh gets angry and says I will not leave Sanju. Lift guard plays song dil cheez kya hai aap meri jaan/beep lijiye….. Sanju feels embarrassed. He asks lift guard to stop the radio. He asks whats the problem in radio, and tells Sanjana that its jaan in that line….she looks at him and asks what did you think, what was I understanding it….

Sanjana asks Sanju to come for dinner. He recalls Dadi and says no, Kashmira’s mum is very ill. She says why did you not say before. She calls Sanju and says I m coming your home. He gets worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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