May I Come in Madam 24th June 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 24th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju saying who will be that joker wearing white clothes and white shoes. Boss comes there wearing white combo. He says I have a fantasy. Sanju says I know you want to dance in rain. Boss asks how do you know. Sanju jokes on him, and says I know you are calling my mum in law here. He says your clothes are white, but your face looks dirty and black. Boss goes to washroom to wash his face. Sanju holds him and says I m thief, I came to get your clothes, give it silently, else I will stab you. Boss argues. Sanju scares him.

Mummy comes to office. Sanju takes boss’ clothes. Sanju sees mummy and says so you have come. She says I came to meet your boss. He says I work here so I m here, why did you come to meet boss. She says he invited me for tea. He says sorry I forgot,

he is waiting for me there. She says but thats bathroom. He says no, that’s his place, door is not change, no and surprise him. She goes to bathroom. They scream. She gets shy and runs. Boss asks why did she scream, whats my mistake. She came in gents bathroom.

Sanju wearing boss’ white clothes goes to Sanjana. Sanjana laughs and says I like it. He says I don’t have to attend meeting wearing this. She says no, you have worn this just for me. She says rain started, lets go, we will have fun, you go, I will change and come wearing saree.

Sanju and Sanjana go in the rain. He gets mesmerized seeing Sanjana dancing in the rain, wearing a black saree. She dances on tip tip barsa pani……… his imagination ends. Sanjana asks what are you staring at, there is no rain, when is it going to rain. It thunders. They wait for the rain. She says I think rain is going to occur, lets go, we shall not waste time. She asks Sanju to go fast and pushes him in the rain. He says its very cold water. She says so what, chill and dance, jump. Sanju dances in Jeetu ji’s style.

He says I m having fun. She says I m glad seeing you, thanks. He asks her to come and share happiness. She says no, I have allergy with rain drops. He says what, you said you have fantasy to enjoy in rain. She says no, I like to see people enjoying in rain. He gets shy. She laughs and says you keep dancing, jump. She goes. Dadi comes there and says Kashmira came for you with umbrella, but you are enjoying in rain. Sanju says no. Dadi scolds there. She asks him to dance now, else she will break his legs. Sanju dances.

Bhupesh checks Lalwani’s gift. He gets hair care products. Lalwani calls him and asks him not to open hair tonic bottle, its wrong label, its hair remover, labels got exchanged. Bhupesh says your staff is illiterate. Lalwani says but you are literate, I will send new bottle in few days. Bhupesh keeps the products there. Sanju comes and asks him what is he hiding. Bhupesh says I m not a thief. Sanju gets the hair tonic, and says Lalwani got impressed by our ad and sent gifts to everyone, you were keeping everything. He slaps Bhupesh.

Bhupesh thinks why does Sanju always misunderstands me, now I will teach him lesson. He asks Sanju to give hair tonic. Sanju says your hair is like thorn, I will apply hair tonic, give all gifts to peon, else I will tell Sanjana. Sanjana asks what. Sanju says I wrote jingle, you will like it. She asks why do you need hair tonic, your hair is already nice, bouncy, girls like such hair, I wish to play with your hair. He says then play, think its your hair. Sanjana ties his hair pleats. His imagination ends. Sanjana asks what are you doing, you stay so distracted, focus on work. She goes. He says I will first apply this hair tonic. Bhupesh hears this and says your dreams will shatter.

At home, Bhupesh asks Sanju is he going to bath. Sanju jokes. Bhupesh asks about hair tonic. Sanju asks him not to irritate him and goes. Mummy asks Bhupesh to come fast and see this funny show on tv. Bhupesh says wait, I will show you horror movie in sometime. Sanju applies hair tonic and baths. He says now my hair will get silky and shiny, madam won’t be able to stop herself. He gets shocked seeing his hair coming in his hand. He says whats happening, its my hair. He cleans the mirror and sees himself bald. Bhupesh stands outside.

Sanju screams. He sees his hair and cries. Kashmira slaos Bhupesh for looking inside bathroom. Bhupesh says no, I m just hearing, Sanju is taking bath and his voice is not coming, I feel he fell in bucket and died. Kashmira slaps him. Mummy says no, maybe he fell and met with an accident. Kashmira asks why is Sanju taking much time to bath. Sanju cries and fixes hair back on his head.

Sanjana keeps roti on Sanju’s bald head. Gali me aaj chand nikla………….plays………….. He sits silently.

Update Credit to: Amena

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