May I Come in Madam 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 24th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kashmira getting cold water and sponging Sanju to get his fever down. Sanju gets worried as he has no fever. She asks him to remove cap, so that she can wash his head. He says I will die by cold. Bhupesh taunts him. Sanju refuses to remove the cap. Kashmira scolds him and pulls his cap. Kashmira sees the nail marks on his neck and gets angry. Sanju says cat has bitten me, I m saying true, don’t create scene by thinking anything wrong, forget what Birju said. She says the nail marks are thin. He says it was a cat.

Sanju comes office and sees Chedi feeding milk to Sanjana. She drinks like a cat. Sanju thinks madam became cat, she can bite again. She asks him to come and have milk with her. Sanju and Sanjana drink milk from one bowl as he imagines. Chedi calls

them cats. Chedi asks Sanju to come, Sanjana is in control. Sanju scolds Chedi and asks did you go mad. Sanjana scolds him.

He worries seeing her nails and talks to her nicely. Sanjana goes to him and bites his hand. Chedi scolds her and says how can you bite Sanju, you won’t get milk and fish, go and stand in corner. He asks Sanju to go and get tetanus injection. Sanju goes. Sanjana says I want to scare Sanju so that he does not see horror shows with staff in office, he is spoiling everyone.

Kashmira goes to buy vegetables and talks to Birju. He tells about Sharma. He says husbands should be controlled. Sanju comes home and taunts mummy and Bhupesh for having pakodas. Kashmira gives him pakodas and asks why are you wearing gloves. Sanju makes excuse.

He says I got infection, so doctor asked me to cover hands. Bhupesh jokes. Sanju throws lamp top on Bhupesh. Sanju scolds him. Kashmira pulls the gloves. He says its nothing. She sees other hand. He worries. She sees nail marks. Bhupesh says this mark is romantic. She scolds Sanju. She scares him. Sanju says Sanjana has become cat, she has bitten me and she is doing strange things. He asks did Dadi not come. She says can’t normal cough come. He says its cheating. She asks what did you say about Sanjana. He says believe me. Sanju asks what will I get doing this. Mummy says fun. They laugh. Kashmira takes Sanju and beats him.

Its morning, Sanju stays away from Sanjana. She asks why did you get away. He says your nails are biting me. She asks don’t I have right to bite you. He says I m scared. She says I m feeling better now. She scares him. Kashmira comes there and asks Sanjana about becoming catwoman. Sanjana stares at Sanju and says you are so funny Kashmira, its nothing like that. Kashmira says Sanju is attacked by a cat, when I ask him, he said Sanjana did this, I did not believe it and came to ask, sorry. Sanjana says its fine, I think Sanju has much workload and said that, he is great story teller. Kashmira asks him to come home early. He gets tensed. Kashmira goes. He asks why did you lie to her.

Sanju goes home. Kashmira scolds him. Mummy asks him why did he get friendly with a cat. Kashmira asks why will Sanjana lie, you crossed limits. He says Sanjana was ashamed and lied. She asks him to take milk for his cat and leave from the house. Sanju says I m saying truth, and you are not listening to me. She throws his bags and shuts door. Sanju takes his bags and goes to Khiloni. Sanju tells about Sanjana becoming cat. They sit drinking.

Sanju says I m yours now. Sanjana says I want to make you dance like a monkey. He asks him to dance and jump. She plays dumbroo. Sanju dances like a monkey.

Update Credit to: Amena

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