May I Come in Madam 24th August 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kishora practicing to break dahi handi. Khiloni looks on and jokes on Kishora. Kashmira asks Kishore what is he doing. Kishore says I have sworn to climb up. Bhupesh says I will break this matki. Kashmira says committee said that final. Kishore asks why, I m a fit man. Sanju comes and asks whats happening. Kashmira asks him to explain Kishore that he can’t break matki. Sanju asks Kishore does he not want to live, if you climb pyramid, guys will die, light weight men should do now, I will break matki.

Bhupesh says you said you are afraid of height. Kashmira asks how did you get courage. Sanju says I got courage from you, I love you, I can do anything for you. Kashmira gets happy. Sanju says I will break matki with my head, its final. Khiloni says congrats, shall

we go and have wine. He tells Kashmira that they will come soon, and they leave. Kishore thinks to put bronze matki with soil layer, then see Sanju breaks matki or head.

Boss tells Sanjana that he will go Mathura to see Rasleela. Boss tells story of his young days, how he has done Rasleela in Mathura always. Sanjana asks did mom become Radha. He says no, other lady became Radha, just book my ticket. She asks him to see Rasleela here. He asks whats special. She says this time Sanju is becoming Krishna ji and going to break matki 60 feet above, you will like it. He says I will love it, I will see Sanju falling from that height, I mean breaking matki.

Kashmira asks Sanju how is this saree. Sanju asks her to try and come. Bhupesh scares Sanju and asks him to not break matki. Kashmira asks Sanju how is she looking. Sanju jokes on her, and says this color does not suit you, wear something nice, even madam will come. Kashmira asks why will Sanjana come. Sanju says she will come, its her wish. Dadi comes. Sanju asks why did you come. Kashmira says its my wish, tell me why is Sanjana coming. Sanju says Sanjana said she will come to meet Kashmira, who is becoming Rukmani and is pretty. Dadi goes. Kashmira asks what else did she say. Sanju says madam got jealous. Kashmira says I will buy royal saree and goes.

Bhupesh asks do you want ointment, tell me, you can use it in janmashtami. Sanju beats him and says get ointment for yourself first. Bhupesh goes. Its morning, Sanju goes to greet Sanjana. He takes a rose for her and gets shocked seeing Kashmira there. Kashmira stares at him. He says you here, why did you come. She says I came to show dress to Sanjana. He says Sanjana can get disturbed. Sanjana says this is my office.

Kashmira asks why did you get this rose. Sanju says no, I kept this rose with me to get inspired, I have to make perfume ad, I m making jingle for it. Sanjana says I like your working spirit. Kashmira shows saree worth 25000rs. Sanju asks are you mad to wear costly saree for one function, you wasted 25000rs. He says it will be tough thing to participate in play. Kashmira says I like tough things, so I married Sanju.

Sanjana says even I like tough things, I will also participate in Jhanki, I will become Radha, as Sanju is becoming Krishna and Kashmira is becoming Rukmani. Sanju says great idea, I will talk to committee. Kashmira says no need. Sanju says I will manage everything. He goes. Sanjana says wow, I will become Radha, it will be fun. Sanju sings Radhe nachegi……….. Bhupesh asks did you go mad. Sanju says madam is becoming my Radha, I mean Radha ji, I will become Krishna ji, we will do rasleela. He imagines himself as Krishna and Sanjana dancing as Radha on Gopiyon sang…………..

His imagination ends. Peon jokes on him. Sanju scolds him. Peon wears goggles and turns to boss. Boss asks how were you talking to peon. Sanju says he was talking badly with me. Boss says I will not leave him. Sanju says I m becoming Krishna ji in Jhanki, many girls become Gopi, you also come.

Sanju climbs human pyramid to break matki. Sanjana asks him to break matk with his head, Sanju hits matki with head and falls down. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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