May I Come in Madam 23rd September 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 23rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bua not affected by Sanjana’s snoring. Bua sits. Sanjana thinks I got tired by snoring, Bua is not getting irritated. Sanjana asks did you not sleep. Bua says you are snoring a lot. Sanjana says so sorry, I snore a lot, you can go to other room. Bua says I won’t forgive you, why did you not say you snore so good, you reminded me of my husband, I will hug you and sleep, you will think of your Nani and I will get feel of my husband. Sanjana says okay I get it. Bua hugs her and sleeps. Sanjana thinks she did not leave me, what to do. Bua asks any problem. Sanjana says no, all well. Bua asks her to snore sweetly.

Its morning, Sanju gets ready for office. He sees Bhupesh and mummy eating breakfast. He asks Bhupesh not to eat much butter, when you have gas,

come to my room to ask for Churan. He taunts Bhupesh on her bad looks. Mummy argues. Sanju shouts. Kashmira asks him why did start again. Sanju says it never ended, its too much now, you have to choose between me or them, when will we have children if they keep coming in our room, will I do child’s online shopping, I will not stay here, I will stay in tent outside, you think what you want to do, I m going office. He goes. Kashmira says Sanju got much serious. Sanjana and boss come office. Boss gets gift and says its Julie’s birthday. He greets her good morning. Sanjana says night was not good. He asks what was the problem. She says Bua was with me, I lost my privacy, please help me. He says I m helpless and runs making excuse.

Sanju comes and greets Sanjana. He says you look much worried. She asks how do you I m worried, and argues with him. He says sorry, I won’t ask again. She says I m sorry, I m in much tension right now. She asks are you annoyed with me. He says you can say that. She says I can’t bear your annoyance, because I love you too. He says I love you too madam. She shouts what are you whispering. His imagination ends and says I m saying I m also stressed. She asks did you ask my problem. He says how can I ask, you told me not to ask you, I will ask after office hours. Sanjana tells him how Bua hugged her and slept. Sanju says she is so lucky, I can imagine.

He says I locked door and mummy knocked so much, that my patience broke, I told Kashmira that I will stay outside house till they are staying there. She says whats different, Kashmira makes you outside house, where will you stay. He says I will make tent and stay. She says I wish I could also make tent and sleep. He says you can book a hotel. She says if Bua knows, problem will increase. He asks her to sleep in her dad’s room tonight. She says that’s a great idea, I can do this, I feel like hugging you. He asks her to listen to her heart. She looks at him. He leaves.

Sanju makes a tent and tells Khiloni that Kashmira’s family is troubling. Khiloni jokes. Kishore comes and asks whats this. Sanju jokes on him and says I m already angry, don’t provoke me, go home and sleep. Kishore says I know Kashmira kicked you out. Sanju scolds him. Khiloni and Kishore argue. Kishore says I will see both of you. Sanju says Khiloni get knife… Kishore makes excuse and runs. Sanju angrily slaps Khiloni and asks him to make peg.

Kashmira waits for Sanju. Mummy and Bhupesh ask her why is she walking. Kashmira says Sanju is outside, does this look good. Bhupesh says I was thinking to tear the tent. Kashmira slaps him and asks them to come with her outside. Mummy says we will go to market tomorrow morning. Kashmira says you both apologize to Sanju. Mummy says we don’t go to Sanju’s room without reason, we will not apologize.

Bhupesh says no use to go there, Sanju will get angry. Kashmira slaps him. Sanjana asks her dad to convince Bua to sleep in her own room, else I will sleep here. Boss says you sleep here, give me idea to tell her something. She asks him to make some excuse. Bua comes there and asks Sanjana to come. Sanjana says Papa was asking me to sleep in this room. Bua asks why. Sanjana asks him to say. Boss says I watched a horror movie and makes excuse. Sanjana says not bad Papa. Boss says let Sanjana sleep here and you sleep in her room. Bua agrees and says you guys got very happy. Sanjana says Bua has gone and gets glad.

Sanjana asks Sanju would you mind me taking space in tent. Sanju says you can take entire tent. Kashmira says Sanju is going inside home. Sanju refuses.

Update Credit to: Amena

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