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May I Come in Madam 23rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhupesh going to a hospital to get mummy’s report. He likes the receptionist and asks her name. She asks why. He flirts with her. She says I will beat you and make you bald. She scolds him. He says sorry, I made mistake and runs. He takes the wrong file and says he took then aunty’s file whose both kidneys failed.

Sanjana does shayari and talks to her dad. Sanju comes there. He says just one wine brand supports in old age. She says I like flavors. He says fine enjoy. Sanju says they both are drinkers. Boss says my left eye is flickering, I always get some bad news. Sanju says I have to go home early, my mum in law….. Boss asks did she pass away. Sanju says no, else I would have partied. Boss scolds Sanju.

He asks what happened to your mum in law. Sanju

says don’t worry, my mum in law won’t die so soon. Sanjana asks him to go and take care of his mum in law. A lizard falls on her table and Sanjana screams. Sanju catches the lizard and puts in his pocket saying I will throw it out.

Sanju says my mum in law takes my life and company is my life. He looks at Sanjana and goes. Boss says he is a bad guy. Sanjana says I don’t know what he thinks about his mum in law, but I think he loves his company. Boss says I don’t think so. She says lets bet. They bet.

Mummy coughs and Kashmira takes care of her. Sanju comes home. Mummy tells them that she wants to see movie. Kashmira asks Sanju to take mummy out. He says I m tired, I just came home. Kashmira says you don’t think of this family and scolds him. He says I will show my care when time comes. Bhupesh gets mummy’s report and asks Kashmira to read it. Kashmira gets shocked and faints. Sanju asks what happened. Kashmira says mummy’s both kidneys failed. Mummy gets shocked and shouts no….. Sanju asks how can this happen. Bhupesh says you don’t drink wine mummy, how did this happen. Kashmira slaps Bhupesh and asks mummy not to worry, your and Bhupesh’s blood group are same, Bhupesh will give kidney to mummy. Bhupesh refuses. Kashmira slaps him.

Sanju asks Bhupesh to give his kidney, afterall she is his mummy, I would have given both my kidneys if my blood group matched. Kashmira says yes right. Mummy asks Bhupesh for his kidney.

Its morning, Sanjana comes to office. She waits for Sanju. Sanju comes there and smiles seeing Sanjana. She asks about his mum in law. He says she is doing fine, her both kidneys failed, but I know nothing can happen to her, she will trouble me all her life. They get inside lift.

Sanju asks Sanjana why does she not look energetic today. She says yes, I took Papa to hospital, he is not well, his reports have to come. Sanju says don’t feel bad, he drinks a wine, his kidneys will fail. She scolds him.

Later, Sanju goes to his cabin. Sanjana takes care of her dad. Sanju asks why are you so sad. Boss says she is not sad, she is happy and that’s why she is crying. Sanjana asks Sanju about his kidneys. He says my kidneys are normal and fine, but my mum in law’s kidneys. Boss asks is there any problem, what happened to her. Sanjana says nothing. She asks Sanju that Papa’s both kidneys failed. Sanju says you said reports are normal. Sanjana says I was joking. Boss says when she is sad, she jokes a lot. Sanju says I can’t understand her character. He says I m sad to know this, your dad was a nice man. Sanjana says he is alive. Sanju says but since his kidneys failed, his guarantee is over. Sanjana says no, if a handsome guy gives his kidney, hope is there. Sanju asks where will get that handsome guy. She says he is infront of me. He says no, I can’t give my kidney to a peon. Boss says you can give kidney to boss, boss can take anything.

Sanjana says you said you can give life for company, please give your kidney for me. Sanju thinks what to do, she is asking for kidney as if she is asking toffee. She says fine, think and say, I m in stress. Sanju goes. Sanjana and her dad laugh. She says we will know who wins the bet.

Sanju meets Khiloni at night and tells him that I wanted to give my heart, but she asked for my kidney. Khiloni says what a joke. Sanju says situation is very tense, if madam asked kidney for herself, I would have given both my kidneys and died, I would have been satisfied that she has my kidneys, but I will not give kidney to her dad. Khiloni says it matters that who asked kidney, if madam asked, give it, you have to give kidney, else she will hate you and kick you out of office, what will you do then.

Sanju says you talk well sometimes, I will call madam and tell her that I m giving my kidney to you, do anything of it. He calls Sanjana and says you wanted my kidney. She says yes. He says I m ready to give my kidney to you. She says I don’t want it, Papa needs it, you have to get admitted in hospital. He says fine, I will get admitted in hospital, take my kidney anytime. She says don’t go anywhere. We will see in morning, you are high right now, good night.

Her dad comes home. She tells him that Sanju is ready to give kidney. He says he might be drunk, when it comes to give kidney, he will be scared. She says as of now, he is ready, lets see in morning.

Everyone shower love on Sanju. Sanju says I m very happy. Kashmira says Bhupesh can’t give kidney, his kidneys are not fine, you will give kidney to mummy. Sanju gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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