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May I Come in Madam 23rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju coming to Sanjana. She asks will you give me anything I make a wish. He says even my life… She beats him and asks him to jump down and give his life. He gets scared and says no, I was just saying. She asks why, were you fooling me. He says no, I m sorry. She asks him to listen carefully, I want you to get bhaang for me. He asks will you bring bhaang. She says I asked for bhaang, not poison. He says you will get dizzy. She asks him to do what she said. He leaves.

Peon meditates. Bhupesh asks him what is he doing. Peon says some yoga. Bhupesh asks him to drink wine. Peon says I drink daily. Bhupesh asks him to join him. Peon wears goggles and turns into boss to scold Bhupesh. He applies color to Bhupesh and runs. Bhupesh says none can save me from Dadi today.

Sanju meets Khiloni and they talk about their wives. They drink. Kanchan comes there, drinks wine and leaves. Sanju slaps Khiloni and tells the problem of Sanjana wishing Sanju plays holi with her, and Kashmira said Dadi hates holi, Dadi died on holi day and is still coming here as chudail. Khiloni says I will play holi with Sanjana. Sanju asks him to leave. Khiloni falls being drunk and goes.

Sanju says I will play holi with madam, even if its last one. He goes home singing holi song. He gets shocked hearing Dadi and hides. Dadi beats Bhupesh and says I hate holi, if anyone plays holi in this house, I will kill him. Sanju rushes to bathroom and sees mummy hiding there. He sits on the bucket. Mummy asks who has applied color to Bhupesh. Sanju says don’t know, maybe any girl. Mummy asks is this your planning. Sanju says I don’t have time, manage Bhupesh. Dadi laughs and beats Bhupesh. Mummy and Sanju argue.

Mummy does shayari and smiles being shy. Sanju does shayari and taunts her. Mummy slaps Sanju. Later, Sanju sees Sanjana’s pic and misses her a lot. He wishes to play holi with her and thinks I want to come now itself to play holi. Sanjana calls him. He gets glad and thinks she also likes him. He answers call. She asks were you sleeping. He says no. she asks are you coming to play holi tomorrow. He says I want to play holi, but Kashmira’s Dadi died on holi day, since then we don’t play holi. Dadi comes in Kashmira. Sanjana says she is gone, whats this now. Sanju gets shocked seeing Dadi and says she did not go. He says good night Dadi…… He asks Sanjana to wait. He goes out and talks. She says I decided I will play holi with you, no excuses, if you don’t come office, I will come to your home. He says fine, I will come. She asks him to get bhaang. He says sure. She ends call. He checks if Dadi has done and sleeps. Kashmira coughs and wakes up. She asks were you talking to someone. He says no, you always feel I have an affair, its not sure, you ruined my sleep. She says fine, Dadi came in my dream and said no one will play holi in our house. Sanju says it was not dream, she came here.

Its morning, Kashmira, mummy and Bhupesh talk to Dadi’s pic on the death anniversary. Sanju gets ready and comes there. He says I m going office and Kashmira asks him not to play holi. He says I have imp meeting, I will come. He taunts Bhupesh on his post. Kashmira says if you play holi, then it will be very bad. Sanju taunts on mummy, Dadi and Bhupesh.

Sanju avoids holi and waits for Khiloni. He takes a pichkari from a boy. Khiloni comes and gives him bhaang laddoo. Sanju asks why did he get late. Khiloni says my wife had these laddoos and got romantic. Sanju thinks even madam will get romantic after having these laddoos. Khiloni asks for money. Sanju wishes him happy holi and sends him. Kanchan stops Sanju and says I will play holi with you. He applies holi to her and runs, seeing Kishore. Sanju comes to office with holi color and laddoos.

Bhupesh says office is closed, Sanju went to play holi. Kashmira asks Bhupesh to go and bring Sanju back, before Dadi comes. Sanjana eats laddoos and gets bhaang affect. She starts beating Sanju and he runs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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