May I Come in Madam 23rd July 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 23rd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju going to court. Boss asks him is he fighting his own case. Sanaju says no, my lawyer will shock you. Mummy comes there as Sanju’s lawyer. She says I m at that point that one side is my son in law and other side is you. Boss and mummy flirt and talk like Mughal e azam actors. Mummy tells judge that she wants to repeat what happened that day. Boss says I will support you. Mummy asks him to happen Sanjana and I will become Sanju, I will tell you what to do in your ears. Boss laughs.

Mummy goes to boss and they act like Sanju and Sanjana. Sanjana asks can I weep on your shoulder. Sanju says yes, and they hug. Boss asks mummy to keep hugging like this, its fun. Bhupesh asks mummy what is she doing. Mummy says then Sanju felt its wrong, he made himself away and

Sanjana has bitten his shoulder with nails. Boss says I want to do this again, but by Sanjana’s view. Mummy as Sanju tells his pain and hugs Boss/Sanjana saying he is tortured by his wife. Judge asks them to do normal question and answers. Mummy says sorry, and questions Sanjana what happened, how did she get molested. Sanjana says it started before, Sanju used to shake hands, he used to hold my hands. Sanju gets shocked.

Sanjana says I did not notice that Sanju is thinking bad. Mummy and boss get talking about their story. Kashmira asks whats happening, this is not case. Sanju asks mummy to focus on case. Sanjana says Sanju came in my cabin and molested me. Sanju says she is lying. Mummy askas why did she shout. Sanjana says my cabin in sound proof. Sanju says door is open all the door. Mummy defends Sanju. Boss and mummy flirt again.

Bhupesh asks mummy to take case forward. Sanju says I told you Kashmira, not to give my case to mummy. Boss takes mummy’s side. Boss questions Sanju and asks when did he meet Sanjana. Sanju says six months before, she calls me in her cabin without any work, and used to talk romantic. Sanjana asks when. Sanju says you said shayari too. She says I like shayari. Boss gets back to flirting with mummy. Mummy blushes. Sanju complains about Sanjana making him a dog, and even boss is part of this. Sanjana says I did that for company’s betterment. Sanju says you used me. Sanjana and Sanju blame each other for teasing. Judge says I can’t reach any decision, don’t know who is lying and who is saying truth, we will see case in next hearing. Mummy apologizes to boss. Boss says I love… and Sanjana takes him.

At office, Sanjana is angry. Sanjana suggests Sanju to start acting mad, so that he can tell everyone that he did misbehavior in this mental act. Sanju goes to boss and starts acting mad, to make boss sure that Sanju is strange. Sanjana comes and boss tells her Sanju is acting mad. Sanjana asks Sanju to do this drama infront of NGO people, why are you troubling my dad. Sanju says wait a min, and troubles boss. Sanju goes with Sanjana.

Sanju goes home and Khiloni stops him. He teases Sanju and asks how is she. Sanju scolds him and gets angry for Kishore beating him yesterday. Khiloni says you would have called me there. Sanju asks what would you do. Khiloni says we would have samosas there, did madam give any idea. Sanju says its great idea, I can’t say it, I will do and show it when I get chance. Khiloni asks when to get chance. Kishore comes and Sanju says chance has come…..

Kishore scolds Sanju and Sanju acts mad. He asks Khiloni to bend down and aims like he is in some war and fighting. Kishore asks what happened. Khiloni says I don’t know, you are seeing him. Kishore says he got mad, we have to kick him out. Sanju acts like Raj Kapoor and says how will you make me leave from your heart. Sanju holds Kishore. Kashmira comes and asks Bhupesh and Khiloni to take Sanju home. Kashmira asks Sanju what is she doing, did he teased Kishore. Bhupesh says all guys are not safe. Sanju asks Khiloni to say truth to Kashmira. Dadi comes in Kashmira. Khiloni cries and tells Sanju that Dadi has come. Sanju sees Dadi. Mummy, Bhupesh and Khiloni run away.

Sanju flirts with boss and teases him in court, acting mad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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