May I Come in Madam 23rd August 2016 Written Episode Update


May I Come in Madam 23rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana asking Sanju to have a bite of pasta. Sanju refuses and runs. She looks for him. She finds Sanju and feeds him pasta. Sanju holds his heart. Sanju’s imagination ends and he screams. Khiloni asks what happened. Sanju says it has become a problem, I m learning cooking from Kashmira and teach Sanjana, I thought to teach Sanjana and hold her hand, I could get close and spend time, madam is very bad in cooking, she is such beautiful lady, she cooks tasteless food, I did not see such worst cook in my life, I can make food well, she is just gone. Khiloni says I cook well. Sanju says so what, you are not pretty like madam.

Sanju goes home. Sanjana asks where were you. Sanju says I was just….Boss says you were drinking. Sanjana asks Sanju did you not tell Kashmira

that you are teaching me cooking since 2 days. Kashmira stares at Sanju. Sanju says I could not talk. Bhupesh scares Sanju of Dadi. Kashmira asks what did Sanju teach you. Sanjana says Shahi paneer, Sanju loved it. Bhupesh recalls the dish and asks did madam made it, it was very nice. Kashmira says good, I know Sanju well, I love him a lot.

Boss flirts with mummy and laughs. Sanjana says I made kheer for you all, I learnt making this from internet. Everyone eat kheer and dislike it. They still praise it to keep Sanjana’s heart. Sanjana says let me taste it. Sanju says you don’t have it, it will fall short for me, superb. Kashmira stares at Sanju.

Later, Sanju asks Kashmira to trust him. She scolds him for fooling her. She asks whats happening between you and Sanjana. He says you always ask this, I explain you so much, I just love you, you call madam and ask her, she said her cook is bad, her mum would have taught her, I told her I will teach you cooking, my heart melted, what wrong did I say. She says you could not told me, I would have taught Sanjana. He says how would I make you work more, I learnt cooking, I will cook for you. He romances with her. Dadi comes. Sanju asks did I kiss you. She says no, I got saved. He says me too. She asks him to teach her cooking. Sanju teaches cooking to Dadi and gets beaten up.

Its morning, Sanju asks Kashmira to give food. Mummy says Kashmira went out, have patience, else make breakfast for yourself. Sanju argues with them. Kashmira comes and asks what happened. He says they spoiled my mood. She says I have good news, Janmashtami committee is making me Rukmani, it will be fun. Bhupesh says I want to become Krishna ji. Mummy says I want to become Yashoda. Sanju jokes on them. Kashmira says committee said Sanju will play Krishna. Sanju asks her what did she mean. She says committee said Sanju has to break matki, I told them to tie matki 60 feet above. Sanju says you know I m afraid of height, I will not break matki. Kashmira says I want money to get Rukmani’s dress. Sanju says you keep money, you take it, give me breakfast, I m getting late. She says I forgot to make breakfast, you and Bhupesh have food outside. Sanju and Bhupesh leave.

Sanju goes office and greets Sanjana. He asks her to check file. She calls him boring man. He says I was called entertaining man, during college days, girls were mad about me, my locality people want me to become Krishna, I refused, others should get chance. She says I love it, its difficult to break matki, the guys are brave to human pyramids, there is no excitement in it. He says I m also daring, I m not afraid of anything, you can come and see me breaking makti. She says fine, you have to do something special for me, I will demand crazy. He asks her to say. She says I want you to break matki by your head. He agrees and says this time, just for you. She says good, I will come to see you.

Kashmira asks Sanju to explain Kishore that he can’t break matki. Sanju says I will break matki by my head. Kishore thinks to put bronze pot with soil applied on it, then I will see Sanju breaks pot or his head.

Update Credit to: Amena

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