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May I Come in Madam 22nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju and Kashmira romancing. He says I m scared Dadi will come in between. She says don’t worry, she won’t come. He says fine I trust you. Mummy comes in their room. They get away. Mummy stares at them. They feel odd and turn away. Sanju says door was closed, how did she get in. Mummy says I came to use bathroom, but there was no bolt. Sanju gets angry on her and shouts. Kashmira asks him why is he fuming on mummy. Sanju says I m burnt inside, why did she come to our bathroom, there is bathroom outside, mummy likes to see us, that Nawab taught all this to you. Mummy says water ended in hall bathroom and I came here.

Sanju scolds her and asks her to get out. She goes. Sanju gets frustrated and says even Bhupesh will come now. Bhupesh comes there and asks

Sanju did you not sleep. Sanju says I slept and I m snoring. Bhupesh says fine, just tell me when will you go office in morning. Kashmira worries. Sanju shouts get lost, else I will kill you. Bhupesh asks Kashmira did mummy came. Kashmira nods. Bhupesh says she made Sanju angry and runs. Sanju calms down. He says I will change clothes now, I won’t listen to anything, I will listen when we both are alone, I need privacy. He shouts.

Sanjana talks to her friend Riya. She asks her to get a BF and then change her dressing sense. Riya says I met an Indian guy Krishna, he does not see me. Sanjana jokes he is smart. Bua comes there. Sanjana stops talking. Bua says I was not getting sleep, I will sit here, don’t worry, I m not listening. Sanjana could not talk to Riya well and asks her to go temple and have devotion. Bua says Lord Krishna is in our hearts. Sanjana says my friend is in Canada, she did not read Gita, I will explain. Bua says I will explain her and talks to Riya. Sanjana tells Bua that Papa is calling you, it maybe urgent. Bua says I did not hear, I will come back. She goes. Sanjana says I can explain you Riya. Riya says I hate you Sanjana and ends call. Sanjana gets angry and says why does Bua not leave me alone.

Its morning, Sanju and Sanjana get inside the lift. He greets her. Liftman plays radio…. The song Surmayi ankhon me……..plays………….. Sanju and Sanjana fall asleep by the lullaby. Liftman wakes up Sanju and asks him to leave. Sanju wakes up Sanjana and says we have to our floor. They go to office.

Sanju goes to her cabin and talks to her. He asks why did you call me with tiffin. She says sit, we did not do anything since long time. He says I guess, you are saying about lunch. She says yes, today we will have lunch with a twist, we will feed our tiffins to each other. He says of course madam. She asks him to go ahead. He feeds her. She likes it and shows him to have his fav lemon, His imagination ends. She asks him to stop it.

She says I m sleep deprived, don’t irritate me. He asks what such happened. He says my Bua slept along me. He says thank God, it was Bua. She asks why are you saying thank God. He says I mean mummy and Bhupesh come to my room, my bed is crowded, I would also look tired. She says you look tired everywhere, you can lock the door, simple solution. He says oh yes, I m proud to keep you as boss. She says let me phrase it right, I have kept you as an employee. He says sorry, I have smart solution for you, when your Bua comes to sleep with you, you snore in high sound, she will run away. She likes the idea. He thanks her.

Later, Kashmira gets ready. Sanju comes there and hugs her. He says I have locked the door, and flirts with her. Mummy shouts asking Kashmira to open the door. Sanju says mummy has come again. Kashmira says open the door. Sanju says leave her, let her knock, just look at me, think no one is outside.

Sanjana talks to Riya and says sorry, Bua snatched phone from my hand. Riya tells that Krishna talked to me today. Bua comes there. Sanjana tells Bua that I was saying Gita gyaan to Riya. Riya asks Sanjana not to give phone to aunty and ends call.

Sanjana acts to talk to Riya and says I m feeling sleepy now. She ends call. Bua sleeps. Sanjana asks shall I switch off lights, I don’t get sleep in lights and noise. Bua says fine, even I don’t can’t bear sound and I sleep in darkness. Bua sleeps. Sanjana thinks I will snore today and trouble you Bua. Sanjana starts snoring. Bua gets disturbed by snores. Sanju hugs Kashmira says its good I did not open the door. Mummy shouts help me.

Sanju says this problem comes always. Sanju and Kashmira open the door and come out. Kashmira asks mummy why did you shout. Bhupesh says I have stomach ache, I got gas. Sanju scolds mummy and Bhupesh, and says even Dadi comes to trouble me. Dadi comes and beats him. Sanju pushes Bhupesh towards Dadi and runs. Bhupesh says sorry, its not my mistake. Kahsmira says its your mistake, I had to listen taunts because of you. Sanju and mummy hide in bathroom. Bhupesh shouts. Sanju asks mummy to take churan for Bhupesh.

Sanju tells Kashmira that he will not stay under one roof with mummy and Bhupesh, I will stay in tent outside, you decide where you want to stay.

Update Credit to: Amena

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